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  1. Console_app
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    Console_app is a PHP script that can be used to parse and retrieve the values of arguments passed to PHP applications started from a command line shell or DOS. No specific PHP extension is required for this script to work. Features of Console_app:- Parse arguments and extract option values according to a definition of the option switches.- Generate the help ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Employness is a Web-based app for employees to rate their own day at work. Working on top of PHP's Symfony framework and using a MySQL data storage backend, Employness will allow users to register and vote their daily work performance. Over time, as ratings rack up for each users, they can review their progress and evolution at their job. An ...
  3. ConfigMagic
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    ConfigMagic is a simple PHP script for managing multiple config files which allows developers to easily switch between configs when running an app. It provides more options and a faster switch between various different settings.
  4. No Screenshot
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    PHP Form Builder is a Windows app for creating web PHP contact forms. It is not a script, but an installable app that adds a nice interface for rendering PHP-powered contact forms that can be then integrated into any live website. Features of PHP Form Builder:- A powerful, yet easy to use, dynamic form creation application- Unlimited number of forms- ...
  5. Aurigma Up
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    It is a universal mobile uploader app designed to be easily integrated with any website. Meanwhile, a bridge between photos and videos on a mobile device and your website opened by a user in a mobile browser. Both iOS and Android version is available.
  6. Tweet Manager
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    Tweet Manager is a WordPress plugin for automatically posting new content on a Twitter account. It works as a full-blown Twitter app, with originating tweets attributed to the blog URL source. Features of Tweet Manager:Free version features:- Custom Twitter Application- Single RSS News Feed Integration- Single RSS News Keyword Tagging- Manual Google News Search By Keyword- Tweet Videos- Manual Tweeter- ...
  7. Minecraft Class
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    Minecraft script is a PHP script for interacting with Minecraft servers. It contains useful functions for integrating a PHP app with Minecraft data.Features of Minecraft Class:- Login user- Get user skin- Render skin- Check if user is premium- Special function to keep session aliveWhat's New in This Version:- The custom_skin variable was renamed to player_skin in the signin function.- The ...
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