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  1. Guitar Chord API class
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    This class can be used to search for guitar chords using Guitar Chord API.It can send HTTP request to the Guitar chord API Web server to find chord variations based on given data about chord by specifying the chord name, chord modification, or/and string/fret combination.
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    This class can be used to convert URLs in text to links using Bit.ly . It can parse a text to find HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS links.The class sends requests Bit.ly Web services API to convert the URLs that it finds into HTML links using the Bit.ly URLs.
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    ClickaTell API is a collection of classes for providing access to multiple ClickaTell services using their Web services API.Using very common helper libraries for ease of use, ClickaTell API can send or query messages exchanging XML messages with the Clickatell servers via HTTP.
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    Symptoms and Diseases Database (SADDB) is a web/intranet application written in PHP that can be used as a database for storing patients data, diseases, and symptoms. Most of the code of SADDB was automatically generated by AppGini, a web application generator that you can find more about at http://bigprof.com/appgini. For details on installing and using SADDB, please read the included ...
  5. Free PHP Ajax Yahoo Weather API
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    Free PHP Ajax Yahoo Weather API is a yahoo-weather-api script. Features of Free PHP Ajax Yahoo Weather API:- Uses Yahoo RSS Feed to retrieve current weather, image and two day future.- GUI interaction allows selection of cities or by entering a zipcode.- Use database or file (file is over 2 MB, so server must be strong enough to handle it).- ...
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    This class can be used to get statistics from Open Source projects from Ohloh.net site. It connects to the Ohloh.net Web site and invokes the Web services API to retrieve several types of information:Key Features of Ohloh API:- Get the list of all projects- Get information about an account given its identifier or the associated e-mail address- Get details about ...
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    SMS gateway API can be used to send SMS messages via different SMS providers. Currently it provides separate classes to send SMS messages via Clickatell and ITS4SMS.
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    clsGoogleApi is meant to search the Web or anything else indexed by Google using its Web services API. With this class you process the search results in any way that suits your needs.
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    Google Client is a simple class that searches the Web using Google via the SOAP Web services API. This class requires the PHP 5 SOAP extension.Requirements: PHP 5 SOAP extension
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    Now everybody heard of Amazon.com. What not everybody knows that Amazon released an API to access its huge catalogs. What this basically means is that each developer can access the information from Amazon following some simple protocols and every site owner can enhance his own website with content and features from Amazon.The Amazon API comes as a simple Webservice. Here ...
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    AmazonAPI can send query to Amazon Web service and returns XML.
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    SearchGooSimple is perhaps the simplest PHP Google API Search Script there is.With just two files to upload and one parameter to edit, you can have it up and running on your site in minutes. It uses The Google Web API and NuSOAP to provide a site search or full web search capability.
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