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  1. PHP wrapper for the Forrst API
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    This is a PHP wrapper for the Forrst API. Forrst.com is an invitation-only website that allows designers and developers to get feedback on their latest work.Featurs of PHP wrapper for the Forrst API:- Get statistics- Authenticate an user- Get user details- Get user posts- Get post comments- Fetch a list of posts of a given typeLimitation:- This is an early ...
  2. Best Buy Service Remix
    229 total visits
    This is a PHP library for making calls to Best Buy's Remix API. The Remix API allows developers full access to the bestbuy.com product catalog and its subsequent metadata.The library can be a good starting point for Best Buy affiliate program sites.What's New in this version:- Updated URI build method to use unescaped ampersands.
  3. Envato-Marketplace-API-Wrapper-in-PHP
    139 total visits
    This is a PHP wrapper for the Envato marketplaces API. Authors can pass it an API key and use it to retrieve details about their account and operations.The Envato marketplaces are:- GraphicRiver- PhotoDune- ThemeForest- ActiveDen- AudioJungle- VideoHive- 3DOcean- CodeCanyon- Tutorials MarketplaceFeatures of Envato-Marketplace-API-Wrapper-in-PHP:- Get marketplace item thumbnails- Search for a term across all marketplaces- Limit search results to a specific ...
  4. Events Manager
    662 total visits
    Events Manager is a full-featured event management solution for WordPress. The plugin has support for recurring (repeating) events, venue dates, RSVP and maps (pulled using Google Maps API). With Events Manager an owner can plan and publish his tour, or let people reserve spaces for weekly meetings. Thanks to geocoding, Events Manager can find the location of events, and accordingly ...
  5. Wordmainr
    85 total visits
    This is a PHP script to pair words and their definitions to domain listings, whois and registration information. It combines the APIs of two services. It uses the wordnik.com service to retrieve definitions, domai.nr for domain listing and availablities and phpwhoise library for getting whois informationRequirements:- Wordnik.com API key- Domai.nr API key- phpwhois library
  6. Simple Yahoo Status Checker
    512 total visits
    This is a PHP4 and PHP5 script to check to see if an Yahoo Messenger is online or offline. It uses Yahoo's own API and a PHP script to check the user's status.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  7. AWeber API PHP Library
    367 total visits
    This is a PHP library for wrapping the AWeber API. The library allows PHP-driven websites to communicate with the AWeber service. It also fully handles all OAuth integration. The archive includes a Aweber PHP Library tutorial.Requirements:- AWebber consumer API key and secret- PHP5 or Higher- cURLWhat's new in this version:- Fixed a bug were a utf8_encode notice was raised when ...
  8. GAnalytics
    222 total visits
    GAnalytics is a PHP script to access Google Analytics data via API calls. This script can be used to query the Google Analytics service for the desire data, and return it inside a locally stored XML file.Features of GAnalytics:- Connects to the Google server- Sends the credential data- Gets an Auth key- Requests the GA Data API- Returns results in ...
  9. PHP-SimpleCache
    329 total visits
    This PHP Script can be used to cache timed API calls to 3rd party services like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and much more others.
  10. Small Google Translator
    699 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to translate text using the Google Translate API. It can take a text and send an HTTP request to Google Translate API Web servers to translate the text between two given idioms.Supports Arabic, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, ...
  11. No Screenshot
    345 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to perform web searches using the Yahoo BOSS(Build you own search service)API. It sends HTTP requests to the Yahoo Boss API web server to perform searches for Web pages, news and images.The script can cache the results in local files to avoid the overhead of sending requests to perform previously made searches.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 ...
  12. Nearby Places Plugin
    270 total visits
    This is a PHP geography scripts can find places of interest near by a given location.It can send an HTTP request to the Google Maps API Web server to get the geographic coordinates of a location given by city, region and country.The script then sends another HTTP request to the GeoPlugin.net API Web server to retrieve the relevant places near ...
  13. Twitter Promoter
    353 total visits
    This PHP web service script can follow Twitter users ralated with a topic. It can send an HTTP request to Twitter search Web server to perform a search for users related with a given topic. The script can also send requests to a Twitter API in order to automatically make a given account follow the returned users up to a ...
  14. Netflix API Wrapper
    236 total visits
    It can interact with the API, requesting an oAuth token to access the Web services on behalf of the current user. The developer can store the token on file or database for subsequent accesses. The script can use the oAuth token to send several types of request like get NetFlix catalog titles, get title details, searching for people, get person ...
  15. TwitPic API for PHP
    431 total visits
    This PHP script uses OAuth for authenticating on Twitter Pictures (TwiPic).Interact with all of TwitPic's features via this small open-source PHP script.Requirements:- PHP 5. 3 or Higher- HTTP_OAuth PEAR package- HTTP_Request2 PEAR package
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