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    Sightings is a WordPress plugin for geo-tagging content. For every page or post, the editor can add a Google Map, showing a location from that post, or where it was written. It uses the latest Google Maps API, for quickly embedding a map without the API key. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through ...
  2. Embedly
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    Embedly is a WordPress plugin for embedding rich multimedia content via the Embed.ly service. It is a platform for converting URLs into embeddable content and allows WP developers to interact with the Embed.ly API, and utilize some of the service's features and tools inside WP-based websites. To embed content via Embed.ly, just click the special WYSIWYG button added in the ...
  3. embedly-php
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    embedly-php is a PHP library for the Embed.ly API. It is a platform for converting URLs into embeddable content and allows PHP developers to interact with the Embed.ly API, and utilize some of the service's features and tools inside PHP-based websites and apps. Requirements:- Embed.ly API key- PHP 5.3 or Higher- PHP's cURL extension enabled- Behat and PHPUnit are needed ...
  4. Stack.PHP
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    Stack.PHP is a PHP wrapper for the Stack Exchange API and it is an aggregate of various Q&A sites. It allows retrieving various data from all those sites, through the Stack Exchange API, meanwhile, providing essential services such as caching, request throttling and pagination. Some cool examples are included with the download package. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New ...
  5. FlickrShow WordPress Plugin
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    Flickr Show WordPress plugin, which can create a Flickr sildshow in WordPress - Use the Flickr.com API to load flickr photostreams, photo sets and search tags into wordpress photo galleries. Simply insert shortcode into your page or load a widget into your sidebar. Requires WordPrss 3.0+ and PHP 5. Features of FilckrShow WordPress Plugin:- Create PhotoStream, Photo Sets and Search ...
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    Wowhead-API is a PHP library for working with WoW data found on Wowhead. It is a service for retrieving statistical data about WoW (World of Warcraft). Because Wowhead does not provide an API (in the real meaning of the work), the library parses Wowhead pages and retrieves desired data. It can be used with the Flamework PHP framework as well.
  7. GroovesharkAPI-PHP
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    GroovesharkAPI-PHP is a PHP library for using the Grooveshark API. The library allows developers to create PHP-powered applications that use Grooveshark features via their API. It's a collection of scripts that facilitate querying the API server from a remote application, includeing utilities for searching, retrieving playlist and user data. Requirements:- PHP cURL extension- Grooveshark API key Limitations:- API implementation in ...
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    ebay mine is OO PHP Libraries for mining data from eBay into mysql database. This project started to use in a new business and decided the the development time for the end result was going to be too long. It is basically a OO PHP API to retrieve data from eBay to be stored in a MySQL database for analysis.
  9. Colour Lovers PHP
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    Colour Lovers PHP is a PHP script is a wrapper for the COLOURlovers API. Taps into the colourlovers.com JSON API and retrieves query results as a PHP array. Features of Colour Lovers PHP:- Get latest, top or random colors- Get latest, top or random palettes- Get latest, top or random patterns- Get user details- Get user, color, pattern and palette ...
  10. RRoEmbed
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    RRoEmbed is a PHP script for the OEmbed format. This format makes embedding media much more easier. It allows an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites. This script wraps the oEmbed API and allows easy media embedding on PHP websites.Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
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    WoWAPI PHP SDK is a PHP library for Battle.net's World of Warcraft Community API. It can be used to query for WoW data from inside PHP-powered apps.Features of WoWAPI PHP SDK:- Get realm status- Get character infoRequirements:- PHP cURL extension- PHP JSON encode/decode extensionWhat's New in This Version:- Adding Character resource with tests.
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    fluxbb-cache is a PHP cache abstraction library for FluxBB. fluxbb-cache is an API abstraction around various different cache stores available for PHP. Filters are supported to allow encoding of data during storage. Emulation is provided for cache stores that do not support data expiration.Features of fluxbb-cache:Supported cache stores:- Flat files- Alternative PHP Cache- Windows Cache- XCache- Zend Cache Extension- eAccelerator- ...
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    orange-bean implements a subset of the RedBean ORM API. This subset doesn't include association management and other non-essential features of RedBean. Also, here are some differences in model management and naming conventions. Requirements- PHP 5.3Supported Databases- MySQL 5 and SQLite 3 Features of orange-bean:- Setup- CRUD- Finding beans- Generic queries- Iterators- Custom Models- Observers- Database transactions- Caching- SQL query logger- ...
  14. Pusher Chat
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    This is a chat system built using the PusherApp chat service and this scripts uses Pusher credentials (API key, app ID), connects to its services and sets up/retrieves chat data.Chat Script can be used by users to connect to an already existent chat conversation, or to set up a totally new one.By default it comes with a minimal style, but ...
  15. PayPal Payments Pro
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    This PHP script library includes methods to easily integrate all of PayPal's API's including PayPal Payments Pro and Adaptive Payments. The script makes it extremely quick and easy to tie PayPal into your applications. It comes with template solution files for nearly every API call available. All you have to do is populate the request parameters and you'll get a ...
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