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  1. Settings API
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    Settings API is a WP plugin for handling the WordPress Settings API. In real life use scenarios, the plugin can be used to create options panels to store general site settings all on the same page. It is perfect for theme or plugin development. The plugin works by automating the process of building the interface and easily storing the passed ...
  2. TempoDB PHP API Client
    114 total visits
    TempoDB PHP API Client is a PHP wrapper for the TempoDB database API, which is a database service for optimal storage time-series data. This library allows developers to create PHP apps that interact, store, query and modify data within a TempoDB database via their public REST API. Requirements:- TempoDB API credentials
  3. MCAPI
    150 total visits
    MCAPI is a PHP wrapper for the MailChimp API. MailChimp is a online service which can be used to manage, send and track customer newsletters and email marketing campaigns. It is written in PHP, the library allows developers to remotely interact with the MailChimp service and supports all the latest features of the v1.3 API. Officially supported by MailChimp. Requirements:- ...
  4. PHP Client for Tracking API
    253 total visits
    PHP Client for Tracking API is a PHP script for the Piwik Tracking API. Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program. The script can be used to easily track any visit, page view, action, goal, custom variable, or e-commerce interaction to a Piwik server, from a remote location and allows a website to run on its own ...
  5. KnpPiwikBundle
    105 total visits
    KnpPiwikBundle is a Symfony plugin for the Piwik API which allows combining Piwik with Symfony 2.x installations. Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program. Requirements:- PHP 5.3.2 or Higher- Piwik- Symfony 2 or Higher
  6. No Screenshot
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    Lanyrd API Wrapper in PHP is a PHP wrapper for the Lanyrd API, which is a small PHP script that wraps the API and allows PHP developers to use Lanyrd related data inside their apps. Lanyrd is a web service for finding conferences. Features of Lanyrd API Wrapper in PHP:- Full Lanyrd search- Get Lanyrd events- Get event by ID- ...
  7. Tickspot-PHP
    139 total visits
    Tickspot-PHP is a PHP script for the Tickspot API which is a web service for project time tracking and budget calculation. It allows developers to access their API and retrieve various details from a Tickspot account. Features of Tickspot-PHP:- Get client list- Get project list- Get task list
  8. No Screenshot
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    php-clamav is a PHP 5 script for interfacing with the ClamAV antivirus API which allows files and data to be scanned for malware via ClamAV. Includes support for DEB and RPM package building. Requirements:- ClamAV 0.95.x to 0.97.x- PHP 5 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Improved cl_scanfile z_val variables initialization.- Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.4.
  9. SimpleNWS
    241 total visits
    SimpleNWS is a PHP script retrieving information from the NOAA National Weather Service. It connects to the official REST API and retrieves desired information. Just point it to a geographical location, tell it what info to get and the script will do the rest. Features of SimpleNWS:- Hourly Recorded Temperature- Hourly Apparent Temperature- Daily Maximum Temperature- Daily Minimum Temperature- Hourly ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    PhpRedis is an extension for PHP providing an API for communicating with a Redis database. It handles sessions, errors, connections, authentication, retrieving data and much more. Check the included README file for more documentation and instructions.
  11. SQL Solution
    288 total visits
    SQL Solution is a set of PHP scripts for interacting with various database systems. It provides a powerful, user friendly, platform independent API (Application Programming Interface) for MySQL (via PHP's mysql and mysqli extensions), PostgreSQL, SQLite (via PHP's sqlite and sqlite3 extensions) and ODBC database management systems. Different versions for PHP 4 and 5 exist. Features of SQL Solution:- Automatically ...
  12. Campaign Commander script
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    Campaign Commander script is a PHP script to communicate with the Campaign Commander API which can be used to manage a Campaign Commander account. Each method is documented with PHPDoc and inline comments. What's New in This Version:- Implemented segmentation and created Segment.
  13. GeoIP PHP API
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    GeoIP PHP API is a script working with GeoIP itself, and with the GeoLite open source databases. These are three methods of querying the GeoIP databases from PHP. They come as a Pear, Pecl and pure PHP implementation. The easiest to setup is the Pure PHP API. The setup for the high performance PHP extension and mod_geoip APIs is more ...
  14. PHP Amazon Product Advertising Wrapper
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    PHP Amazon Product Advertising Wrapper is a PHP script for the Amazon Product Advertising API. It works with the latest version of the API, allowing developers to query the Amazon server for various product details. Features of PHP Amazon Product Advertising Wrapper:- Search Operation- ItemLookup Tool Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- hash_hmac- SimpleXMLElement
  15. Calendar Solution
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    Calendar Solution is a PHP-driven events calendar system. It allows an user to host his own events management system, and keep track of his agenda on his own. An optional API for WordPress Shortcodes is also provided. Features of Calendar Solution:- Calendar view- Detailed list- Summary table- Bullet list- iCalendar lists and items- Admin dashboard- Multiple database support
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