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    MdRGen can be used to generate the definition of configuration rules for rewriting URLs with mod_rewrite. It takes a list of URLs of pages of sites before rewriting the URL.MdRGen generates a list of definition of rules to insert in .htaccess or other Apache configuration files to rewrite the URLs in a search engine friendly manner.
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    Visualize Apache Server Status can be to retrieve and parse Apache server status information. It retrieves the page generated by the server status module of Apache for a given domain.Visualize Apache Server Status parses the server status page and returns statistics details in an array.Currently Visualize Apache Server Status returns the details of the request process identifier, mode of operation, ...
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    Apache 2 log file parser class can be used to parse common log format files generated by Apache 2.Apache 2 log file parser reads an Apache log file into an array. Each log file line can be parsed to retrieve the request details: IP address, date, HTTP method, URI, response status code and user agent.
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    HTAccess mod_rewrite can be used to interpret a subset Apache directives that can be defined in .htaccess configuration files.HTAccess mod_rewrite takes as parameter the directive lines of configuration of an .htaccess file to interpret and process the directives.Currently it only supports the directives RewriteBase and RewriteRule of the mod_rewrite Apache module.The class can take the request URL and rewrite it, ...
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    Use CCodeRed to show the attempts of the CodeRed Worm to infect your webserver. This code should work with all webserver using the Apache-logfile format.
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    CNimda class allows you to show the attempts of the new NIMDA Worm to infect your webserver. This code should work with all webserver using the Apache-logfile format. Now also scanning after "MSADC/root.exe" and "scripts/root.exe" when checking your log files.
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    Configurator is meant to read and write configuration files with structure similar to those of Apache.Configurator was tested with a normal httpd.conf file of Apache. While it could not read more than one directive with the same name, it could parse that configuration file successfully.
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    The htaccess class manages the htaccess functions of Apache Webservers. Without knowing much knowledge of Apache, users can be added or deleted, groups can be created and deleted, .htaccess files can be created with this class etc.
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    Apache log parser can be used to parse Apache log files in the common log format. It opens a given log file and parses each line at once. The values of the fields of each log line are returned in an associative array. Features of Apache log parser:- Fetch by IP- Fetch by Request- Fetch Requests by IP- Fetch Request ...
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    This addon for phpWebSite 0.8.2 is displayed when a user hits a nonexistent page on the site (instead of the generic HTTP error pages). Works with Apache (maybe others too). User gets a page that has possible suggestions for errors, list of most popular pages, and a search box. It can even email the webmaster when the page is hit.
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    filebase php tools (fpt), A nice and configurable DirectoryIndex for the Apache server written in PHP4. Supports fully customizable output of files/directories.
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    The htaccess class lets you manage the htaccess functions of Apache Webservers. Without much knowledge of Apache, you can add/delete users, create/delete groups, and create .htaccess files using this class.
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    Web Directory Toys is an Apache mod_autoindex modification to make IIS style directory listings (but, better) and a PHP3 script which does the same. This modified module outputs the directory to a proper HTML table, and the appearance of columns and rows may be modified using CSS.
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    MailDog is a Web based email client for IMAP servers written in PHP. It requires apache, PHP 3.0.x compiled as a module, and IMAP. Please note that this is a pre-alpha version, and there is not much documentation available yet.
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