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    HTAdmin is a PHP tool for administrating Apache .htpasswd files. Installation:- Extract the package: tar zxvf HTAdmin1.x.tar.gz (for tar.gz) tar yxvf HTAdmin1.x.tar.bz2 (for tar.bz2) zip -d HTAdmin1.x.zip (for zip) - Edit the following lines in config.inc.php file: $cfgUserAuth = true; $cfgSuperUser = 'admin'; $cfgSuperPass = 'password'; $cfgHTPasswd[0][N] = '/htdocs/example/.htpasswd'; <-- First file's full path and name $cfgHTPasswd[0][D] = 'Sample htpasswd ...
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    wpSearch is a very powerful search plugin for WordPress. Programmatically, it is based on the open source search engine Apache Lucene. Features of wpSearch:- Unmatched and customizable search relevancy (thats the power of Lucene!)- Very fast search speed- Wildcard and Boolean operator support- Easy installation- Instantly updated searching after a post has been written- Searching of any Posts and Pages- ...
  3. Project Mugatiya
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    This is a PHP IP: Port proxy server. For most cases it works like a proper proxy such as Squid or Apache. And to accommodate HTTPS, this proxy has to do a URL rewrite. At the same time, this proxy can be used for affiliate advertising and has an in built Turing Test supplied by recaptcha.com to keep SEO bots ...
  4. Apache-MySQL-PHP Manager
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    This is an alternative of many AMP manager. It heavily exploits ports in order to manage applications, rather then virtual host. Please install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Aestan Tray Menu Manually. This project just provides tiny script (and manual).
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    FireLog is a simple yet powerful logging script made in PHP that creates Apache-style visitor logs. Most logging scripts require you to include a PHP file at the top of every one of your pages. This method works, but you can only log visitors' hits to pages to PHP pages.FireLog uses a .htaccess file to reroute all traffic through it's ...
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    The script Rewriter can rewrite request variables by parsing the request URI in a similar way to what the Apache module mod_rewrite does but without using regular expression based rules. Rewriter allows to map a request to an URL like http://example.com/pages/index.1.html into the equivalent to a request to http://example.com/index.php?method=pages&page;=1 . The mapping is performed by a script that handles page ...
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    LogParser can open Apache log files extract the parameters of each log file line using regular expressions to match the different log formats commonly used by Apache. The log parameters are saved in associative arrays. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Directives to enable to disable user authentication without affecting other Apache directives, can be added or removed from an .htaccess file. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    mod_rewrite configuration directives are located in Apache configuration files within delimited file sections.Relink can take URLs of relative links and rewrite them based on the mod_rewrite rules found in the Apache configuration file.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    A PHP directory indexing script which indexes all folders, files, their size and type, and modification time like Apache Server, but it does it with style. My PHP Indexer enables you to upload files, manage files and folders from admin panel, etc.. It is easily configurable and can be installed within minutes.
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    This class provides a PHP interface to process XML documents with XSLT using the Xalan Java package of Apache Software Foundation.
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    apache_lookup_uri is meant to emulate the apache_lookup_uri function even when it is not available, like when PHP installed as CGI module.The apache_lookup_uri function performs a partial request for the specified URI and return all information about it. Look in the PHP manual for more details.
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    worm is a php utility that will help you scan Apache access log files. It reports about possible attacks of worms like: CodeRed I and II and Nimda.
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    htaccess Check can check if an .htaccess file exists in a given directory.If it does not exist it creates with the default Apache directives. If the file exists and has different Apache directives, it gets rewritten with the default ones.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Apache Logs Reader is meant to parse and process Apache log files. It supports arbitrary Apache log formats, but it already comes with built in definitions to specify the formats: common, combined, referer and agent. There is a base class that parses and extracts information from the log lines. This class may be extended by a sub-class to process the ...
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