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    The title, text, e-mail address and IP address of the submitter are taken as arguments. Flood Assassin analyses the supplied arguments according to several built-in rules and returns an array with an overall score that can be used to determine whether the message should be treated as spam. The result array also details how the message scored in different types ...
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    Mollom for PHP provides ways to protect website content and website forms from spam on the web. Usage of Mollom for PHP:- Download package.- Unzip package.- Install package following the instructions in the readme file.- Create account on Mollom.- Activate website key on Mollom. Key Features of Mollom for PHP:- Get rid of spam - Mollom helps keep a website ...
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    Email Code is a simple class which generates mailto HTML link tag using Javascript code, so the email addresses in Web pages become difficult harvest by robot programs used by spammers.Although easy to use Email Code allows the full use of all possible email paramaters as well using a CSS class to define the presentation stil.
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    By using MaskMail you can make mailto: links on your page without the webcrawlers collecting your email address for spam usage.MaskMail is written only to mask the mail address, but may easily modified to mask webaddresses ect..
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    hide_mail_link hides the email address away from crawlers. It still generates a clickable link.The code generated is "tidy-proof". hide_mail_link needs a javascript-enabled browser to work.
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    YAMC is meant to generate encoded mailto: links to prevent e-mail address harvesting done by robot scripts used by spammers to crawl the Web pages and collect e-mail addresses.YAMC generates the mailto: HTML links using Javascript code also generated by the class to decode the addresses when the user clicks on the links, so mailto: links open correctly on normal ...
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    Uda Iskariot is meant to present mailto: links as images so the robots used by spammers to harvest e-mail addresses cannot read them. The images of the e-mail addresses are outputted in the JPEG format using the GD library.Uda Iskariot comes with an example of e-mail links that point to an URL of a script that looks the e-mail address ...
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    spamc connects to a SpamAssassin server and passes the contents of an e-mail message and send a request to evaluate the message.The response results are parsed and stored in a class array variable.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Mail Man provides a simple to use API to create and send plain text email. It includes additional headers that may be necessary. The headers that the mail() function generates sometimes are not enough and spam filters discard messages that do not have all the headers that this class adds.Additionally Mail Man comes with the subclass MailManPlus which lets you ...
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    OspamNo generates a random mathematical expression consisting of one of several possible simple operations between two random numbers. It presents the expression by displaying the numbers and the operation using several variants for expressing the operation.A session variable is used to store the numbers and the expression for later validation. There is a variant of the main class for presenting ...
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    Honey Pot is meant to generate a completly customizable set of email addresses, and output it to an array or to a page. Honey Pot may be userful for avoiding spam bots or other usages.
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    The width and height attributes for images are automatically generated by the getimagesize() function.Link title tips default to the link anchor text if left empty and alternate text for images defaults to the filename and path if left empty.In order to protect email links from spambots, they are encoded using equivalent HTML entities for their characters.
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    Clear MBox Class can be used to cleanup a mailbox from spam and unauthorized messages. It can access to one or more mailboxes via POP3 or IMAP, scan the messages in the mailboxes and delete those that do not satisfy certain requirements.Currently Clear MBox Class deletes all messages except:- Messages from authorized domains- Messages from authorized senders with known mail ...
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    Mail Riddler is meant to encode email addresses used in mailto: links inserted in Web pages to prevent harvesting that is done usually by spammers that crawl the Web to collect e-mail addresses of their future victims.Mail Riddler uses a combination of PHP and Javascript to encode email addresses and so make it harder, if not impossible, for spammers crawling ...
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    A form parameter with a random hash is used in both the form and the processing pages. No Spam class can be used in links and forms.The links or forms that process the hashed parameters can verify the hash and only allow to proceed if the hash of the current date matches the followed URL hash parameter. This may help ...
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