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    The Apache mod_rewrite is often used to protect images and other types of media files from hotlinking from other sites, that make them appear in their pages although they are served from the original sites.However, mod_rewrite can be used to protect the service of Flash files against hotlinking.
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    The strings and the private data gent stored in a database table to prevent link stealing.Hash strings can be constructed from:- Session id of the user- Private data of the server- Private data of the web site- An item to check- Timestamp of a query- A maximum number of accesses- A maximum durationIn another page, Hash can check whether the ...
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    RubberwaLL is a free watertight anti-leech solution for your site. All files sit in a protected directory, which only the script itself has login permissions for. Upon receipt of a file request, the script checks the visitor has actually come from YOUR site.If they do originate from your site, the script logs on to the protected folder, loading the requested ...
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