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    Amazon s3 supports direct upload from browser without need of your web server to copy file over S3. This gives large benefit in saving bandwidth and eliminates upload restrictions imposed by your hosting providers esp "shared hosting". But one disadvantage is S3 does not provide any capability of server side processing to handle upload progress,failure cases etc..if you are using ...
  2. PHP Amazon Product Advertising Wrapper
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    PHP Amazon Product Advertising Wrapper is a PHP script for the Amazon Product Advertising API. It works with the latest version of the API, allowing developers to query the Amazon server for various product details. Features of PHP Amazon Product Advertising Wrapper:- Search Operation- ItemLookup Tool Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- hash_hmac- SimpleXMLElement
  3. AWS SDK for PHP
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    AWS SDK for PHP is the Amazon Web Services SDK for PHP. The package allows developers to build applications that interact with Amazon Web Services tools and features. Features of AWS SDK for PHP:General Features:- AWS PHP Libraries - Build PHP applications on top of APIs that take the complexity out of coding directly against a web service interface. The ...
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    Search results retriever can be used to perform searches on several sites. The base class can send HTTP requests to a given site to search for given terms. There are several sub-classes that specialize on searching several types of sites and parsing the returned response to extract the search results. Currently there are sub-classes for searching PubMed, Amazon, jStor, Google ...
  5. Music Albums from Amazon
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    This class can be used to retrieve information about music tracks on Amazon.It takes an ASIN code for a given music track and send a request to Amazon Web services API to find the ASIN code of the same music track in MP3 format.The class returns an array encoded in JSON format with title and URL of the requested track.
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    Amazon Showcase is a Wordpress Widget/Plugin for showcasing items from Amazon. Simply enter the ASIN/ISBN numbers of any products and optionally enter an Associate ID for earning commissions. The product image will be displayed with a link to the product detail page on Amazon.com. More advanced users can have full control over the way the products are displayed.
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    osCommerce Amazon Data Feed is a osCommerce contribution which assures the easiest export of your products into Amazon.com Amazon.com, Inc. is an American e-commerce company. osCommerce Amazon Export Feed was one of the first major companies to sell goods by Internet. It is easy to sell on Amazon.
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    Amazon S3 Stream Wrapper sends HTTP requests to access Amazon S3 Web services API in order to store and retrieve files just by using fopen('s3://...') calls and using regular fwrite and fread functions to send and retrieve file contents from Amazon S3 servers.This stream wrapper class can also delete files, create, list and delete directories.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Connections with the Amazon Web services can be established on behalf of a specified user and several types of actions can be performed.Key Features of Amazon ECS Webservice:- Search for items for sale- Manipulate shopping cart items- Retrieve customer information- Access wish lists, Listmania lists, baby and wedding registries- Retrieve sellers information- Retrieve Alexa services informationRequirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    amazon_sell allows you to add ZShop items to your Seller Account on Amazon. When you post an item you will get an exchange id back. You can remove items if you have the exchange Id from Amazon (this is also listed on their website).There's no guarentees that this will work since Amazon probably changes their layout all the time. But ...
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    Give an XML from Amazon's Web Service, this class parses the XML and creates and array of with product information.
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    Now everybody heard of Amazon.com. What not everybody knows that Amazon released an API to access its huge catalogs. What this basically means is that each developer can access the information from Amazon following some simple protocols and every site owner can enhance his own website with content and features from Amazon.The Amazon API comes as a simple Webservice. Here ...
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    AmazonAPI can send query to Amazon Web service and returns XML.
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