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    ASoundex implements a variant of the soundex algorithm for Arabic. The soundex algorithm converts words into an hash that represents the way the word is spelled in English.ASoundex implements a modified version the algorithm to consider Arabic spelling and windows-1256 character set encoding instead of English.
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    Odds algorithm implements the odds algorithm. This is a decision making support algorithm is used for instance to determine the right moment stop negotiations.
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    Numerical performs several types of numerical and statistical functions.Features of Numerical:- generates gaussian normal distributions,- does numerical integration of arbitrary functions,- generates random numbers with gaussian distributions,- provides a number of standard statistical functions, e.g., mean, standard deviation, variance, etc.,- has two different methods of solving for the roots of an equation (bisection and steepest descent),- converts floating point to ...
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    Love match is a simple class class that computes a "love" factor dependent on the values of the letters of the names of two people.Love match returns a value in percentage. 100% is good for you and your love, 0% and you can stop thinking about her or him. It is meant for attracting teenagers to a site.
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    Alternate text is meant to extract a random text string from a string that defines a set of possible combinations of words. It is supposed to be used to generate variations of a message that can be refreshed dynamically.Just try this combination definition "(hello|bye(world|(sweet|)home|moon)" to see the multiple variations of text strings that the script generates.
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    roundrobin.php script determines a schedule for n-players playing n/2 games per match for n-1 matches, where the same two players never meet more than once.Statistically speaking it finds (n/2)*(n-1) unique combinations of n items.
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    A Cute and rather unique sorting technique. Easy way to manipulate your array.
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    Love Calculator implements a numerology algorithm to measure the so called "love factor" between the names of two persons. You may have heard about the "love factor" on MTV shows.
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    There are many types of data structures defined by the pioneer programmers in the past the direct interface to them datastructures have been an imperative but today datastructure have been taken for granted. From the most basic stacks and queues to the more advanced link list and binary trees. each plays an important role in the life of a computer. ...
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    Queue Theory can be used to calculate several types of factors of the queue theory. It provides a generic queue abstract class and several concrete classes with different queue implementations.Currently Queue Theory can calculate the following queue factors: Lambda, Mu, Rho, Po, Pn, Ls, Lq, Ws and Wq values of MM1, MM2 and MMC tails.
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    Guid is a simple script that meant to generate text values that may be used as global unique identifiers (GUID).The GUID values are generated from random seed numbers, the local computer network host name and the local time. The resulting value is digested with MD5 algorithm.
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    UID scripts is a simple class for generating a unique identifier using the SHA1 algorithm to compute a digest from the combination of several unique and random text values.UID scripts uses the current timestamp with microseconds, Mersenne Twister random number generator, remote port number, remote IP address, remote user agent, URI and script path to generate a 40 character unique ...
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    SHA classes provides you a pure PHP implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm.
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    Sort script provides and implementation of several algorithms to sort the elements of an array. The algorithms that are implemented are: Merge sort, Shell sort and Bubble sort.
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    Brim::QuickSort implements the QuickSort algorithm to sort arrays of objects.It uses a comparator callback class with a function that compares two objects and returns -1, 0 or 1 to indicate whether the objects are equal or which one is greater in respect to the sorting criteria.
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