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    Photoshoot helps photographers to publish all photos of their shoots online (small size) and allows customers to make a selection of the photos required for their portfolio. They can easily submit the list to the photographer by email. Once the portfolio selection has been made the photographer can upload the original size photos and the customer can view and download ...
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    With Webs.com API Library, HTTP requests are sent to the Webs.com API on behalf on an authorized user in order to perform various types of content manipulation operations. Webs.com API Library can list site pages, add page content, add image to a photo album, add blog entry, list files, get file information, upload file and rename file. Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    EasyPhpAlbum Lite is a free, clean, fast, easy to navigate, and very easy script to install online photo album for your website. All you have to do is to add a small 15kB file to your photo album directory and your album is online! No configuration or editing is required. If you would like to organize your photos you can ...
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    DRBImageGallery is an easy-to-use image gallery script with customizable search capabilities. DRBImageGallery - Free PHP Image Gallery allows you to categorize your images with user-defined attributes and keywords. Visitors to your site can search your image gallery using these criteria via a simple search form. Thumbnail image files are generated automatically. You can upload your images directly through the web ...
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    Plogger is the definitive open-source web photo gallery. Simple to integrate with your site, lightweight, and packed with useful features, Plogger leaves the other image galleries in the dust. Automatic thumbnail generation, custom built themes, cruft free URLs, RSS support, powerful password protected admin area, picture comments, mass downloading and integrated JavaScript slideshow are just a few of the features ...
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    PicasaWeb class can access the PicasaWeb Web services API server and retrieve information about albums of photos in order to generate HTML to display photos in the current site.Listings of albums from a given PicasaWeb account or photos from a specified album, can be displayed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Snaps Album retrieves the list of JPEG image files from a given directory and generates thumbnails for images that were found. An image from the folder can be picked randomly and used as the album cover. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    myPh3 is an image gallery PHP script that is designed to be elegant, easy to use and install and standards-compatible. Styling is easy and six designs are included. It reads your photo album directories and presents a slick user interface with automatically generated thumbnails. All you need is a PHP web server with GD installed. Nice, friendly URL's are supported ...
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    Simple photo album class can use used to generate a gallery of images from files stored in a server side directory.Simple photo album class can scan a given server side directory and display thumbnail from image files of many formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and WBMP. The full size images are opened in pop-up windows.Simple photo album class may also ...
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    Descriptions can be set for the images and comments can be posted to the albums. New albums can be created and images can be rotated or resized to reduce bandwidth.Zip files can be uploaded, and have them automatically extracted on the server. The zip flle can be kept in the 'Download' section so that users can download all the pictures ...
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    2BGal is a PHP/MySQL script that allows you to publish photos, albums and sub-albums. Most of updates can be applied with the web single administrator interface.This script is easy to use, lightweight and packed with only useful features. Others functionnalities can be added with modules integration.The gallery design is defined with PHPLib templates (default : HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0).Features ...
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    Weatimages is very easy to use program that allows you to organize powerful web-based photo albums on your website in a minimal time. To publish photo album you just need to put one file from Weatimages distributive to a separate website directory containing your photos or folders (which become sub-albums) with your photos. Features of Weatimages: - Automatic thumbnail creation ...
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    Photo Album classes can be used to display photo albums using Javascript so the user can interact with the images without page reloading. Functions of Photo Album classes:- Display a list of thumbnails of the album images stored in server side directories. The thumbnails are created automatically from the full size images.- Display full size images overlayed on top of ...
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    PHPhotoalbum is an image gallery management system. You can organize your images in albums. Each album has a page with thumbnails. When you upload pictures, they are resized on-the-fly using ImageMagick or GD. The adminpages are passwordprotected. The administrator can also delete pictures, comments and albums.
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    Fotot Web is a photo album program, created with php4 and MySQL. It creates thumbails, supports multiple languages, includes Web-based configuration, and the admin area. Written in Spanish.
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