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    GalleryShuffle is a PHP and MySQL image album manager. GalleryShuffle is an extremely easy tool to use in uploading, organizing and viewing images on the Web. It comes with an administration panel where albums and images can be created, and an HTML 5 powered front-end for visitors to view the uploaded photos. Features of GalleryShuffle:- Installation wizard- Admin panel- Multiple ...
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    UnGallery is a photo gallery plugin for WordPress. It works by transforming a directory of images into a browsable photo album. Features of UnGallery:- Changes are made in real-time- Unlimited photos- Can be managed outside the WP platform- Caching system- Show images inside a modal- Breadcrumbs- Multiple image view types- Captions- Support for hidden galleries- Support for MP4 movies- Image ...
  3. Gallery
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    Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. After years of development, this is one of the most complete and advanced tools for managing a photo album. Features of Gallery:- Image Magick or NetPBM - pick which image manipulation package you have on your server or want to use.- Auto Rotate Images - Gallery can look at information ...
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    SLAGphoto is a simple, easy to use, web image album gallery, written in PHP and optional JavaScript. It supports themes and extensions (plug-ins). So far has two themes based on ZenPhoto; and two extensions, jQuery and NivoSlider. There is no admin" or "setup" code (yet): just edit an INI file (if you want) and throw the code up on the ...
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    This is a basic PHP photo album script to quickly and easily display photos on a web site. This is a bare bones script that does not contain anything excessive or fancy. An ideal solution for anyone that just wants to display photos.Features of Basic PHP Photo Album:- Fully customizable- Fast setup and configuration- Display an unlimited number of photos- ...
  6. PHP Photo Album
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    PHP Photo Album is a free and Open Source PHP Image gallery script that does not require a Database. You can have proportional thumbnails, re-size the image during upload, and enable descriptions.This Photo Album is also Paypal ready so you can also use it as a simple e-commerce site.Features of PHP Photo Album:- Automatic Thumbnails- Proportinal Thubmnails- Automatic Image Resize- ...
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    This PHP script can be used to retrieve and display photo albums from Facebook fan pages, it can also generate HTML to display the retrieved photo albums in another web page, while an API key and page ID are requested.Facebook Page Album will send a HTTP request to the Facebook graph Web Services API server to retrieve photo albums information ...
  8. Particle Gallery
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    Particle Gallery provides you with an easy way to get your own online photo album up and running whenever you want to showcase world class photography or share holiday pictures with your friends. More importantly when you need to grow, Particle Gallery is packing some of the most powerful features around.Features of Particle Gallery:- Easy to Install: Get your gallery ...
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    This class can be used to scan music files collection.It can traverse a given directory where there are music album files.The class can count the music files it find with a given file name pattern. It can also return the count of albums sorted by year.
  10. Music Albums from Amazon
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    This class can be used to retrieve information about music tracks on Amazon.It takes an ASIN code for a given music track and send a request to Amazon Web services API to find the ASIN code of the same music track in MP3 format.The class returns an array encoded in JSON format with title and URL of the requested track.
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    Since 2007, Zphotos Express allows you to generate easily a web-based photo album. Zphotos Express uses your folders and sub-folders of photos to generate a web-based interface for your photo albums. Zphotos Express is a turnkey solution: - no Data Bases - compatible PHP4 and PHP5 - is a configurable script. Zphotos Express is customizable:- an open source program, distributed ...
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    EasyPhpAlbum is a FREE thumbnail gallery script and the easiest way to publish your photos on the web. Only 1 file has to be included with your photos to publish them online!EasyPhpAlbum offers all the features you will ever need for hosting one or multiple online photo albums. Next to publishing photos you can just as easily publish your music ...
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    Fotopholder is a PHP library used to easily generate webpages from folders of jpg images. Most other web gallery scripts out there require lots of setup or commitment. This script requires nothing. Just drop a single file into a directory full of images and presto, you will have a web gallery. This script will also parse nested sub-directories of images ...
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    Yappa (Yet Another PHP Photo Album) is designed to be easy to install and use image gallery script. Simply put the yappa.txt under the name index.php on your web server, and voila, it's ready to use. At first time, you will get your password for administration, and all operations for adding, removing or comment pictures are done via the web ...
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    Image directory index with BBCode generation is a very simple script to generate a 'preview' of a directory of images. It will ignore any files which aren't .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.Basically it will generate an HTML page with a textbox of BBCode (for posting on forums) and the < img> itself so you can preview it. Saves a lot ...
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