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    akismet-php4 PHP4 script is a wrapper for the Akismet API which is a spam filtering service developed by the company that created WordPress. Currently works with PHP 5 as well. This script avoids relying on cURL for network communication, nor PEAR for error handling, making it very portable.Requirements:- PHP 4 or Higher
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    To include it into an application, just use include or a derivative function.What's New in This Release:- changed HTTP version from 1.1 to 1.0 (with thanks to Jan De Poorter).- No longer issues a separate HTTP request to check validity of the API key with every instantiation.- Added a new public method 'isKeyValid' to manually check validity of the API ...
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    This is intended as a simple and compact method for adding Akismet protection to any user-submitted content, and avoid Internet bots and spam submissions.It was built using the information and examples on the Akismet API page.
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