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    ezSL generates HTML for a text form input with the necessary Javascript to perform AJAX requests to retrieve suggested words to complete the text that the user types in the text input.The AJAX request is handled by a script that queries a MySQL database that returns a list of suggested completion words. A menu, which appears below the text input, ...
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    The MooTools library is called via generated JavaScript and HTML code, in order to update a given page element with the output of a script with a given URL.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higherLimitations:The comments in the code are in Turkish
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    Cities and zip codes can be used to lookup for cities and the respective zip codes.Cities and zip codes uses AJAX to search a file database with cities and the respective zip codes using just the first few letters of the city that the user types in a form text input. The script can submit an AJAX request to find ...
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    jQuery-PHP can be used to develop AJAX applications using the JQuery JavaScript library. There is a Javascript library that wraps around JQuery library to send AJAX requests.There are also several PHP classes used to generate the responses to AJAX requests and execute several types of actions like: return messages, errors, Javascript code to execute, adding page elements, etc..
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    Image File Browser can be used to let the user browse and pick images stored in the server. It uses an AJAX based user interface to avoid page reloading when the browsing display is updated.Required external javascripts: prototype.js, scriptaculous library (scriptaculous.js,unittest.js,effects.js).
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    Several server-side operations, such as folder browsing, delete, copy, paste, cut and creating new files or folders, can be performed.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    jqSajax can generate Javascript code to make AJAX request using the Jquery library to execute PHP functions on the server side.A PHP callback functions that will be called when the AJAX requests are sent is registered.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Auto complete generates the HTML for a form with a text input and Javascript to perform an AJAX request to retrieve possible words that complete the text that the user has typed so far.The auto-completion words are retrieved from a configurable text file. The words may also be read from an array session variable to make it faster. The menu ...
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    AJAX Star Rating can be used to let users rate content. It can display the current content rating level by the number of starts from 1 to 5.An user can submit his own rating by clicking on the respective star. When a new rating is submitted, an AJAX request is triggered to send the user rating. The AJAX request response ...
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    List page scrolling, column sorting, and in-place editing of data cells using form fields to alter the values and AJAX requests to save the changed values to the server, are supported.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    New AJAX Sortable can be used to display and edit data from MySQL table records in HTML table using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It generates an HTML table with data from a MySQL database .New AJAX Sortable also generates the necessary Javascript to edit the table cells and interact with the server via AJAX to be able to update ...
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    AJAX Wrapper is a PHP wrapper around Scriptaculous and Prototype libraries to implement Web applications that use AJAX to access the Web server without reloading the current page.There are several classes to generate HTML and Javascript code for page elements that communicate with the server using AJAX to process events of interaction between the user and those page elements.The scripts ...
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    PHP Ajax can be used to build AJAX applications with only PHP, thus without needing to write Javascript code. The base class can manage all the AJAX interactions between the browser and the Web server.Applications just need to define sub-classes that define how PHP needs to respond to different events of the page like generating a response to AJAX requests, ...
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    My Ajax allows youto generate HTML and Javascript to make AJAX calls to update pages without reloading. It generates HTML and Javascript functions that when called will perform AJAX requests and update specified page sections with data returned by the server as response to the AJAX requests.The generated Javascript code may submit AJAX requests using the GET or POST methods. ...
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    AJAX Treeview can be used to generate and update a hierarchical tree of elements from MySQL database content.A HTML page with some Javascript performs an AJAX request to obtain the list of elements of the tree from a MySQL database query.The tree of elements is returned to the browser in JSON format.
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