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    phpMyDataGrid can be used to display and edit records of a MySQL database table, edition can be done via AJAX. It can display the contents of the records of a given databasein an HTML table. It can be configured to determine which fields of the database table are displayed.The HTML table displays the names of the fields in the header ...
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    PHP Threader can be used to trigger the execution of multiple server side scripts via AJAX or PHP sockets. It has an OOP structure allowing adding calling threads methods or communication methods as add-ons with no major changes.PHP Threader comes with two default thread calling methods:- Ajax : in Ajax Method It generates Javascript to trigger the execution of one ...
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    awfDialog Wizard can be used to generate wizard-like Web based user interface using AJAX to avoid reloading the page when advancing to a new step.Features of awfDialog Wizard:- Modal forms dialogs that cannot be closed, or non-modal with an exit button- Display form icons from a set of icons supplied with this package or from a custom icon set. Icons ...
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