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    Paging Class with AJAX or HREF can be used to browse database query results split between pages using AJAX to switch between the listing without page reloading. It can execute an SQL query using the PEAR DB API and return records to be displayed in the page.Paging Class with AJAX or HREF also generates navigation links that to go to ...
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    Turnkey software solution to organize free file host service. Simple yet very effective AJAX/Flash-powered interface with multi-file upload, upload progress indicator, automated social bookmarking buttons creation. Software has some advanced features like download speed limit, multi-threaded download, download resume support. Hotlink protection built-in. No MySQL support needed.
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    Easily setup a links directory. One page installer, supports unlimited layers of topics and sub-topics, friendly URLs, full text search, skinning and templates, super fast editing via AJAX for admins, user submissions and RSS feeds.
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    The main goal of Easy PHP file uploader is to provide a user friendly web-based interface for handling file uploads. Features of Easy PHP file uploader:- arbitrary number of files can be uploaded (one by one), - Ajax user interface, - valid HTML code, - unobtrusive JavaScript code, - multiple file upload (optional).
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    PHPLiveX can be used to call PHP functions via Javascript in web pages using AJAX.PHPLiveX generates Javascript code that implements functions with the same names and function arguments as given list of existing PHP functions.When the generated Javascript functions are called, they start AJAX requests to invoke the respective PHP functions on the server.
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    Scriptbank.net::Poll is an entirely free poll & voting system for your website. It was developed using PHP,Mysql & Ajax. An installation script & easy to use admin control panel will have you placing polls on your website within minutes of your download finishing.
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    Can't get a shell account at your webhost? Want to be able to use normal Unix commands to maintain or clean up your directories, create backups, install software and debug scripts? Easy to install, set up and use. Multiple security features include password protection, valid referrer URL list, hidden directories, configurable file names. This script can be used for moving ...
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    JsHttpRequest - an easy-to-use cross-browser AJAX library with AJAX file uploading support and many other features.JsHttpRequest first appeared as cross-browser analogue of XMLHttpRequest, and then became a very useful instrument to create dynamic web pages. It uses JavaScript (ActiveX, DOM, XMLHttpRequest if available) in frontend and PHP in backend.Functions of JsHttpRequest:- Excellent cross-browser compatibility (e.g. works with IE 5.0 with ...
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    Pyxy-gallery is a PHP script to make an image gallery. Intelligent JavaScript lets you browse your pictures without leaving the page - saving time and bandwidth, and reducing server load. AJAX skeptics can be reassured: Pyxy uses fragment identifiers to let you bookmark and link to individual pages within the gallery. Unlike some simple gallery scripts, Pyxy uses the HTTP ...
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    AJAX-based Thesaurus can be used to lookup text expressions on the server a page using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It must be used in conjunction with a few Javascript libraries that submit the page body HTML content to the server via AJAX.On the server, the class parses the HTML content to lookup for known text expressions stored in a ...
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    Easy Grid can be used to display and data grids using AJAX. It uses Yahoo User interface library Javascript classes to perform AJAX requests.A Javascript script calls Yahoo UI libraries to load the data for the table from the server.The same Javascript script performs the AJAX interaction with the PHP script that includes the PHP class.Easy Grid accesses an CSV ...
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    No Timeout can be used to split the execution of long tasks in small steps implemented by requests short enough to not exceed the PHP script execution timeout.No Timeout uses AJAX requests to invoke each execution step. The response of the execution of each step is used to update a section of the page where the progress feedback is displayed.No ...
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    Hippo AJAX Form can be used to generate HTML forms that can be submitted via AJAX. It can generate HTML for the most common types of form inputs.Hippo AJAX Form ends the form generating a submit input. When this input is clicked, the form input values are collected and submitted to a given Web page script via AJAX using the ...
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    ACE class can be use to generate Javascript to call functions of PHP class objects from the client side. It generates Javascript code to create Javascript objects on the client side that act as proxies of PHP objects on the server side.The generated code uses AJAX to communicate with the server side script that defines the ACE class. ACE class ...
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    Suggester can be used to complete text typed in form text inputs using AJAX to retrieve text completion suggestions, similar to Google Suggest.The text completion suggestions are displayed as a menu below the text input that shows without page reloading.The text completion suggestions may be cached to avoid the overhead of requesting the same data from the server more than ...
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