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    AIM Status is created to determine whether an AOL Instant Messenger user is online or not. This PHP script uses the Curl library to connect an Aol web server and query the status of a given AIM user, and then returns if the user is online, or false otherwise.Currently, an usage example script is included with a couple of images ...
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    AIM classes can be used to submit credit card charges to the Authorize.net payments gateway using the AIM Web services API. This is a PHP port written from scratch of the Java class com.admc.lm.AIM .AIM classes provides functions for setting the payment details like the customer name, address, phone number, shipping address, charge amount, credit card number and expiry date.AIM ...
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    PHP TOC Library was developed with the intent to allow users to connect to and use the AIM services. It features full support for sending and receiveing messages, chat, and soon direct IM connectivity.Basically, PHP TOC Library can do close to everything that AIM can do. You can create a bot, check peoples online status, practically anything.PHP TOC Library is ...
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