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  1. Adsense Extreme
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    Adsense Extreme is a WordPress plugin for automatically inserting Google AdSense advertisements. It adds a special options page in the WP backend admin panel, where webmasters can go and setup how the ads are inserted and how they show up and where. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. ...
  2. Simple AdSense Insert
    201 total visits
    This WordPress plugin allows the admin to control the way Google AdSense ads are placed on his blog. Full control over display and content is provided. Simple AdSense Insert provides a basic way of inserting AdSense adverts into your WordPress installation, whilst having full control of display and content.Requirements:- WordPress 2.0.0 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Parameters now sent ...
  3. Retrieve Adsense Earnings
    260 total visits
    This is a simple and open source PHP script use cURL extension to login to your Adsense account and retrieve your earings. You just need to provide you Google's username and password, and choose the data you want to grab.Requirements:- cURL extension- Google Adsense account- Set Google Adsense account to use older website version (this will not work on the ...
  4. Adsense Checker
    348 total visits
    Adsense Checker is intended to detect hacking of the Adsense code on your website. It scans the site in FTP mode and extract all Adsense client codes, the list is displayed then. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or Higher
  5. PHP AdSense account monitor
    2363 total visits
    PHP AdSense account monitor is a class that can retrieve data from your AdSense account (impressions, clicks, ctr, ecpm, earnings).PHP AdSense account monitor can retrieve (for now) only "AdSense for Content" data, for different periods of time (see class methods for more details). You can implement this PHP class in your own applications.PHP AdSense account monitor is compatible with any ...
  6. No Screenshot
    2132 total visits
    What is your IP? IP Lookup, IP WHOIS, IP Addres Checker Displays your current IP address Find your IP address here! Features of Turnkey Script: What is your IP?: - PHP Script, - No database, - Easy to install, - Google Adsense ready Requirement: PHP Webhosting
  7. No Screenshot
    1582 total visits
    Plugin for the e107 CMS to display google adsense ads on your site. Easy to install as a menu for e107 systems.
  8. BungeeBones Category and Link Repository
    1858 total visits
    BungeeBones Category and Link Repository provides a web directory for your website visitors and comes complete with categories, links, and management that reviews every new website added so you can just install it and sit back and relax! BungeeBones Category and Link Repository works similar to Adsense ads but instead of posting a few links along side your web content ...
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