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  1. Useful Banner Manager
    1829 total visits
    There are many WordPress blogs which have or need to have banners on them. So a banner manager plugin is very useful for those blogs. This plugin is created for it. The plugin helps to manage the banners over the WordPress blog. It is very easy to use. Try it and be assured.
  2. PHPads
    4390 total visits
    PHPads is a simple php script that allows management of a banner ad rotations. There is an admin panel that allows the admin to add banners, and specify the length of ad campaign. There is also a way for the admin to see single stats outside the admin panel on any banner campaign (good for those wanting to sell banner ...
  3. No Screenshot
    381 total visits
    OpenSourceClassifieds is a software developed using an open source technology stack, to offer you a complete classified ads solution, ready for high volumes of traffic. Features of OpenSourceClassifieds:- General ads or specialised through plugins (cars, jobs, real estate, dating, etc)- Multi-lingual: English, spanish, catalan, romanian, french and more!- Lots of options for customisation: Currencies, date-time formats and more!- Integration with ...
  4. No Screenshot
    1770 total visits
    The IP of the visitor is checked for the entry stored in a MySQL database in order to determine if the user has already visited the website.Ads and content limit stores the current date and time in the database table if the user has not accessed the site today. Otherwise the class increments the number of accesses of the user. ...
  5. No Screenshot
    2454 total visits
    Mit diesem Script bieten Sie ein Netzwerk bei dem Sie verschiedene Partnerprogramme für andere Firmen hosten. Jeder Werbetreibende kann automatisch ein Partnerprogramm einrichten. Webmaster melden sich bei Ihrem Netzwerk an und haben dann Zugriff auf all die eingetragenen Partnerprogramme. Sie erhalten von den Programmbetreiber eine Provision für das Hosten und Bereitstellen der Software und der Webmaster. Die Partnerprogramme können nach ...
  6. Banner Simple
    479 total visits
    Banner Simple is pretty much what it sounds like: a very simple banner rotation program. No fancy administration area, campaigns, or logging and statistics. Just a very fast, efficient, and easy to set up and operate program for people who want to randomly rotate banners and not worry about all the frivolous stuff and perpetual bug squashing. 
  7. PHP Ad Text
    548 total visits
    Php AdText is a script to display random text links (ads) from a text file that you can specify before each time you call the script. It has several settings like what you want to use as a separator for each link, and how many times you'd like to repeat the separator. You can change the look of it by ...
  8. Adsense Checker
    348 total visits
    Adsense Checker is intended to detect hacking of the Adsense code on your website. It scans the site in FTP mode and extract all Adsense client codes, the list is displayed then. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or Higher
  9. Banner Ad Rotation Script
    693 total visits
    A PHP Script that enables you to put your own custom "Banner Ads" on your site. Uses a configuration file to determine the URL, start date, end date and duration (seconds) to display an image - great for those people without a MySQL database. Requirements: PHP 4.1 or Higher
  10. Simple Ad Rotator
    449 total visits
    This is a simple function that can be used to create ads that rotate according to a random order. Easy to setup and customize. Just define your ads and set the number of ads displayed at once on your page. No database is required.
  11. Easy Free Revolver
    386 total visits
    Easy Free Revolver is freeware. It rotates your banners at random. You can use .gif, .jpg, flash, text , affiliate and referral javascripts. You can use remote services such as Google Adsense. You just put each text link, banner image, description, or script in a separate .html file.
  12. Pay-Per-Click XML Feed Parser
    596 total visits
    The script parses XML feed from pay-per-click (PPC) networks and fetches ads to the browser. Output format is controlled by template. The script will eliminate the possibility of unintentional fraud by optionally using JavaScript to output ads (with URLs divided into small chunks). This will prevent any automatic software (such as search engine spiders, etc) from following such links. You ...
  13. Micro AD Rotator
    481 total visits
    This is a simple file based random AD rotator script. Easy to setup and customize. Just define your ads and set the number of ads displayed at once on your page. No database is required.
  14. Easy Banner Free
    3745 total visits
    Easy Banner is a PHP script for running your own banner exchange system. Members of the banner exchange show banners on their sites and in return their own banner is displayed across the banner exchange. You, as the owner of the banner exchange take part of the banner impressions (you can choose the part, usually 30-50%) for promotion your own ...
  15. Free PHP Ad Blocker Checker
    1775 total visits
    Free PHP Ad Blocker Checker will check if ads are being blocked by firefox users.Features:-Check if ads are being blocked by firefox users.-Checks the 5 subscriptions: EasyList, Filter von Dr.Evil, Cedrics Liste, Liste FR and Corset.-Simple pages, load time of less than 0.9 second.-Works with other ad blocking software as well.-Automatic Re-load checker link instead of having to type url ...
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