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    DBInterface is a generic database table interface which can be used to manage database table records as objects using the Active Record design pattern. This script accepts as parameters a database access object(DAO), the name of a table and any key field. The database access is done by the DAO class. Currently there DAO classes to access MySQL databases and ...
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    DbSimple is a database abstraction library which provides an extremely laconic and handy interface for practical usage in PHP 4/5 scripts. It's usage is much easier than most of other popular abstraction libraries (like ADODB, PEAR DB, and PDO)."Query execution" and "result fetching" operations are joined thogether and complemented by powerful placeholder support (including list-based placeholders) and various fetching modes. ...
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    The class Visitation Model ADOdb can be used to manipulate and browse database table records structured as an hierarchy tree. Visitation Model ADOdb is based on another class originally developed by Khaled Al-Shamaa. It uses the ADOdb API instead of MySQL API.
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    Data Objects can provide an interface to access data in tables rows using objects of the class. It can access any database table without previous knowledge of the table structure. It determines automatically the fields and the primary keys. It can work with tables with one or more primary key fields. The class Data Objects provides functions for searching, inserting, ...
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    MySQLo is a MySQL database access wrapper with API functions compatible with ADOdb. Functions of MySQLo:- Establish database connections given individual separate parameters or a DSN connection string- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query result sets into arrays- Retrieve the last inserted identifier- Retrieve the last error
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    PhpDtObject simplify the process of retrieving, editing, inserting and delete rows from the database table. PhpDtObject creates an object from a table row or an array of objects if multiple rows are retrieved from the table.Objects can also be created with init method, that passes primary key value (usually id) to getOne and getMany methods that can take complex searching ...
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    Paginacao Class takes a result set object of an already executed query with ADODB PageExecute function. It retrieves the total number of pages and total number of rows from the result set object.Paginacao Class generates a list of links to the first page, last page and any intermediate pages of the list of query results. Parameters, such as the base ...
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    MySQL Database abstraction class emulates the functionality of the PEAR::DB API package, without requiring it. The ADODB package is also partially emulated.
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    Arbitrary types of listings can be paginated. An example is provided to demonstrate how to paginate the results of a database query using ADODB API.Key Features of Generic Easy Pagination:- Setting current page- Setting the records listed in each page- Getting the total number of records that were retrieved- Setting the query for searching records- Using the same query to ...
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    Abstract SQL Table to Object provides a base class from which all classes that map database tables should inherit. The sub-class should define the table it is wrapping, the primary key field and variables to store the table field values.The base class can query the database to retrieve the list of fields of the specified table. It can also perform ...
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    Nested Sets DB Tree can be used to manipulate nested sets of database table records that form an hierarchical tree.Features of Nested Sets DB Tree:- It provides means to initialize the record tree, insert record nodes in specific tree positions, retrieve node and parent records, change position of nodes and delete record nodes.- It uses ANSI SQL statements and ADODB ...
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    mdb classes is meant to access Microsoft Access .mdb database files by specifying their filenames.mdb classes uses a Windows ADODB COM object to open the .mdb database. From then on you can execute SQL queries and retrieve the result set date like with any SQL based database.
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    Pseudo PostgreSQL ADODB is a PHP class designed as a drop-in replacement for ADOdb for PHP applications that do not need the full power of ADOdb, want to remain light and fast but want to remain compatible with ADOdb.The API of PostgreSQL ADODB Emulation was designed to be compatible with ADOdb. I was able to remove ADOdb from my application ...
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    ActiveDBLib is a PHP class to access MySQL or optionally other databases by using various Database Abstraction Libraries. Its primary intention is to hide the differences between the different database abstraction Libraries and to provide standard methods for the database connection, query and result operations.ActiveDBLib currently supports the ADODB, the PEAR:DB and the Metabase libraries. The only requirement to use ...
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    DatabaseAccess abstracts database queries (UPDATE, SELECT, INSERT, REPLACE, DELETE) by passing data to class methods, the query will be generated and run automatically.DatabaseAccess is meant to be used in conjunction with the ADOdb database library.
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