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    Simple Login class is meant to manage the access permissions of multiple users to Web pages of a site. It can be used to ask for your site users to authenticate to have access to protected pages. You only need to insert one line of code at the top of your site protected pages to use this system.Simple Login class ...
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    ECW-Shop - simple for use featured shopping cart with ability to use MS Excel or MS Access format for database. Users can calculate progressive discount for chosen products list. User can search for keywords and prices. Merchant can prepare list of products for on-line selling by using MS Excel or MS Access, then easy upload prepared database via web-interface Web ...
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    ext_shapelib provides access to Shapefiles (.shp/.shx/.dbf) as used in GIS applications. Currently, creating of new files and adding shapes to those files is supported, however, full shapelib support is planned for upcoming releases.
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    Simple Protect is a simple PHP script for checking login / password before authorizing to access a given page.
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    Access Graph Counter is similar to the Access Digits Counter, except that it creates a gif graph on-the-fly to display an access counter using the GD library.
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    This is a simple PHP counter script for displaying an image-based access counter on your Web page. Access Digits Counter uses a flat text file for data handling, and does not require any special module to run.
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