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    XML Access uses the SimpleXML extension to parse documents. XML Access can also retrieve document nodes by tag name, by attribute, by value of a tag and attribute values of a tag. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Smart SQL is a simple database access wrapper that support either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server. Functions of Smart SQL:- Open and close database connections- Select the work database- Executing SQL queries- Retrieving query result rows in arrays- Handling errors by displaying the respective error message before exiting the current script and optionally sending a warning message by e-mail to ...
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    Data Table is simple class that can execute SQL queries to Microsoft SQL server database and display the results in an HTML table. It generates an HTML table that show in the first row, with a special presentatuon style, the names of the fields of the result set.The first and the last rows of data of the table are also ...
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    asession provides an alternative implementation to manage user access sessions without using PHP built-in session management functions.asession provides a similar API to PHP session functions but its parameters can be configured directly in the class objects, instead of the php.ini.There are two versions of asession to work with PHP 4 and PHP 5.
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    Mafia Session creates a key encoded with SHA1 based on the IP address and the current time when an user accesses the login page. The key is used to generate a salt value that is used to encrypt the password that the user enters in the login form.On the server side the class uses the same salt to verify whether ...
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    The user id, login and last access date and time can be stored in session variables of a registered session.Session Manager Implementation can also check whether an user session is active if its last access occurred in the last 5 minutes. In that case the last access date and time is updated to the current date and time.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or ...
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    mdb classes is meant to access Microsoft Access .mdb database files by specifying their filenames.mdb classes uses a Windows ADODB COM object to open the .mdb database. From then on you can execute SQL queries and retrieve the result set date like with any SQL based database.
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    BPT_SessionManager can be used to manage user access sessions. It provides a singleton interface to access user access data.Functions of BPT_SessionManager:- Get the session identifier- Check whether a session variable is registered- Register a session variable- Retrieve the value of a session variable- Clear all session variables- Destroy the session- Set and check the protection mode, which can make the ...
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    Defensive Attack can be used to get and set information about the current user HTTP request details to help protecting against unintended accesses.Functions of Defensive Attack:- Determine the user machine real IP address even when it is behind a proxy.- Check whether the user IP address is the same as the Web server IP address- Determine whether the user is ...
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    File Reader and Writer Abstraction provides several classes to access and manipulate files.These classes can perform several types of operations like: creating, deleting, check if exist files and directories, get the size of a file, list files in a directory.
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    DBWrapper is a MySQL database access wrapper.Functions of DBWrapper:- Establish connections of a given MySQL server- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query result rows individually or all at once into arrays- Retrieve the last inserted identifier, affected table rows, total result set rows and result set columns.
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    OO Mysql Wrapper is a wrapper to access MySQL databases. It provides functions to execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from parameters defined by query objects.The query objects take care of defining query table, fields, escape field values, condition clauses and the limit clause.OO Mysql Wrapper also provides functions for displaying query results as HTML tables, output debug information ...
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    Browse Edit displays results of sql statements in a browseable and editable format akin to a excel or Access. Easy, editable displays of columnar data.Features of Browse Edit:- Columns have headers that allow sort order to be changed by clicking on them- Display may be editable or read only- SelectBox (drop down list)- CheckBox- Hideable columns- Editable title bar and ...
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    My DB classes is a simple wrapper around MySQL database access functions.My DB classes provides wrapper functions around most of the PHP MySQL extension function like database, connection, queries execution and result data access, error message retrieval, database creation and locking of tables.
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    Access Pattern Counter is meant to keep track of the count of users access to the pages of a site. The counter class can also output the current access count in an HTML table.Page accesses are considered by the remote user computer IP address only if sufficient time has passed, by default one hour. During this access window, a count ...
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