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  1. Scriptcase PHP Code Generator
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    Scriptcase PHP Generator is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity. Scriptcase PHP Generator runs directly in the browser enabling web application collaborative development. It supports most databases available generating highly customizable PHP code and of easy maintenance. Scriptcase PHP Generator is easy to learn and simple to use yet it generates sophisticated attractive applications saving time and increasing ...
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    PHProxy is a web proxy for bypass proxy restrictions and get access to the Web sites blocked by PHP web host.
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    Wow Data Access is a PHP script to access World of Warcraft data and can be used to query for WoW data from inside PHP-powered apps/websites. The script queries the WoW web API and retrieve data as PHP arrays. A simple demo is included with the download package.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- PHP with JSON support- PHP with libcurl support
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    Data Access Objects is a PHP library for generating the necessary code for working with Data Access Objects (DAO). Meanwhile, it is perfect for working with CRUD-heavy web pages.Features of Data Access Objects (DAO) for PHP:- PreparedStatement PHP class similar to JDBC.- Database-neutral XML DDL Schema engine and SQL generator.- Saves lots of development time, providing automatic pre-made code
  5. Rapid Access Protection
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    Rapid Access Protection is a PHP security system that will disallow end user from rapidly accessing / reloading your webpage in an attempt to abuse it or bring your website down.
  6. GenieGate Membership protection software
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    GenieGate Membership protection software handles multiple groups and users easily. It is easy to setup and the Technical Support for customization is great. The manual directory setup to access the groups through htaccess is wonderful. It allows you to put in all data before actually using the system. This is particuarlly helpful when changing from a previous [more cumbersome] Access ...
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    PHP Cached Array can cache virtual array for PHP and implement support for persistent arrays. It comes with an interface to access array elements, eventually stored in persistent data storages. The actual implementation sub-classes should implement the functionality of storing and retrieving array data from persistent storage containers.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
  8. SJS
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    This script can be used to protect the access to Javascript and CSS files from being accessed from other sites.It makes CSS and Javascript files available for download using security tokens stored in session variables to check whether the files are being accessed from pages of the same site.
  9. Flood Recorder
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    This class can detect when a site is being flooded with too many requests to pages served by PHP scripts.It keeps track of the IP addresses of the computers of the users that access the site and stores in a file of a given directory the information about the last access.It stores in that file time of the last access ...
  10. Firewall Protection
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    This class can be used to restrict the access to pages based on IP address.It can check if the IP address of the user computer and compares it to ranges of allowed and forbidden IP addresses.If the IP address is not in the list of allowed addresses or is in the list in forbidden address, the class throws an exception.The ...
  11. AJAX Locking
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    This package can be used lock server side resources to prevent race conditions that may occur when two users want to access the same resource simultaneously.It uses AJAX to lock and unlock resources from Javascript code running on the browser, thus without reloading the current page. The package comes with several drivers that can use different containers to manage the ...
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    This class can be used to connect and query Microsoft Access databases from PHP. It takes the path of a Microsoft Access database file and computes suitable a DSN string to establish a connection to the database using ODBC extension on Windows.It can also execute a given SQL query on a connected database and return the whole result set inside ...
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    ClickaTell API is a collection of classes for providing access to multiple ClickaTell services using their Web services API.Using very common helper libraries for ease of use, ClickaTell API can send or query messages exchanging XML messages with the Clickatell servers via HTTP.
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    With Safe Object, setter and getter functions are provided to enforce defined access restrictions. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    DBForms from MS Access to PHP+PostgreSQL is an application which allows you to convert mdb (MS Access forms) to AJAX based WEB page.Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to php and PostgreSQL driven Web pages, filling form fields with data from the fields of your Access tables. During conversion elements' position, color pallet and fields type are ...
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