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    coverFlow, a new image is composed from a set of images by displaying them using the cover flow 3D perspective effect.The coverFlow also generates HTML maps so clicks on the displayed images lead to a new URL that displays the clicked image as the main cover imageRequirements: PHP 4.0.6 or higher
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    The main class can compose and render the definition of 3D object models given the coordinates of the vertexes. It can read vertex definitions from separate files or shapes predefined built-in the class. There is an 3D objects class that contains built-in definitions of many predefined types of solid objects. The objects can be rotated around a spin point by ...
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    Stereo Anaglyph Images can process two source images that define the left and right views of a picture and compose a stereo image that can be viewed with special glasses to appear to be 3D.Source images in any format supported by the GD library, can be read. The resulting picture is returned as a GD image resource handle.
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    Text 3D generates GIF images that present the letters of a text rendered in 3D perspective. The letters are rendered at a given radial distance around a rotation axis.Generating a sequence of images incrementing the rotation and radius values can be used for generating frames that present the text with an interesting animation effect.The text is rendered using standard truetype ...
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    There is a base class that provides base graph rendering engine features like allocating colors, drawing axis, grids, legends, polygons, etc..There are also two sub-classes specialized in rendering line and 3D bar graphs from sets of data passed as arrays. The generated graphs are saved in PNG format as the current script output.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Advanced Graphing Class can be used to generate line, bar and 2D/3D pie graphs from multiple data sets. Offers many style and data formatting options and an extensive readme and examples page. You can customize almost any option.Advanced Graphing Class can be built from data defined in a programmatic way, with data import from MySQL, XML or CSV files or ...
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