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    PHP Ajax Voting system can record in a MySQL database the votes of the users in several possible options also defined in a database table of poll options. PHP Ajax Voting system uses cookies to keep track of votes done by each user to prevent users voting again. Statistics about the votes performed can also be retrieved. Requirements: PHP 3.0 ...
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    PHP Open Classifieds Script is a website script you can install to run your own easy to manage classified ads. Users are able to submit and verify their own listings via confirmation email, as well as edit and remove these emails, making it effortless to maintain. While the website becomes popular due to SEO Friendly URL's and search engine techniques, ...
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    ScreamingToDos is a PHP/MySQL-based todo list manager. The goal of ScreamingToDos is to be as simple as possible, while maintaining the greatest flexibility and useability.
  4. slGrid
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    slGrid uses a plugin system to define how table cell contents should be displayed. For example, you can transform an email address into a clickable mailto-link. There is a special plugin that is called before a new row is added to the table when in editing mode (MODE_EDIT). This allows you to run additional filters on the user input (for ...
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    SamTodo is a simple PHP application that makes managing a todo list as easy as possible. It allows for a prioritized and categorized listing of information ensuring that you won't forget important tasks again.The source code is easy to understand and the entire program is stylized using CSS (so it can be easily adapted to your needs). SamTodo only requires ...
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    2800 total visits
    Great Wap Chat script, easy in use and simple in installation. Features of GumChat WapChat: advanced who is online list (with username + mobile device + gender + age), cool emoicons, antiflood, you can change the timezone, bad words filter, language file, translit function, multiple chatrooms, no registration, flatfile database, server friendly and more....
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    PHP Keyword Analyser can access Google search pages to perform a search for a given keyword. It check the first 10 pages of results and check whether any pages of a given site appear in the results. The position of the specified site in the search result pages is returned. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
  8. ArAutoSummarize
    2777 total visits
    The script ArAutoSummarize can be used to automatically extract key phrases to summarize an given Arabic text. ArAutoSummarize can also parse a long Arabic text and use stemming and ranking algorithms to identify which can the be the most important keywords than can be used to summarize the text. To mark the text to highlight the keywords along the given ...
  9. Ajax File Browser
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    Ajax File Browser is not just a simple file browser anymore!Here's a list of features: - Easy to use interface,- Allows public or restricted users to download anything you allow, - Share directories do not have to be beneath the site root, Permissions: - List Download Write and Modify,- Administration Area for easy maintenance, - Simple self installation script, - ...
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    Jomres is designed to integrate direct into a CMS like Joomla, Jomres offers a wealth of features to maximise the opportunities for guests to choose to take a booking with you.Jomres is the unrivalled leader of the Joomla Hotel Booking systems, offering more power and functionality than any other system in it's class.Version 4 brings with it greater modularisation to ...
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    PHP Movie Listings can be used to fetch a listing of movies being presented in near theatres.PHP Movie Listings connects to the IMDB site and performs a query for movie listings near a city in the United States, given the city ZIP code and the maximum distance to consider near theatres.PHP Movie Listings retrieves the movie data and show times ...
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    MS Word And Excel is the content-type headers of the HTML output can identify it as Microsoft Word or Excel files. Requirements: PHP 1.0 or higher
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    Right Click Pop-up generates HTML and Javascript that makes pop-up window open with a menu of links when the user clicks with the right mouse button over a given page element.Links with specified URLs can be opened or JavaScript code can be executed, when users click on the pop-up menu items.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    gLogin generates Javascript code that computes MD5 hashes of a password field value with a random salt value when the form submitted.The encoded password is verified to match the correct password that was encoded using the same salt value.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHPSEO is a script for better SEO in PHP to allow you to generate meta keywords and description automatically and dynamically. It is a given text which can be analyzed in order to its most relevant keywords. The limit number of keywords to extract is configurable. PHP SEO can also extract a string from the original text of a limited ...
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