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  1. MIDI Class
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    This is a class for reading, writing, analyzing, modifying, creating, downloading and playing (embedding) standard MIDI files (type 0 or 1). MIDI songs are internally represented as lists of tracks, where each track is a list of messages, and each message is a string. The message string format is the same as the one used by the commandline tools MF2T/T2MF ...
  2. No Screenshot
    2873 total visits
    EazyGallery is a simple gallery that shows all images that are located in the script's directory and subdirectories of your choise. Eazy installation and usage. Script creates thumbnails in "thumbz" folder only at first usage. Features of EazyGallery:- Viewing JPEG, GIF and PNG file types.- Using external *.CSS stylesheet.- Using Lightbox as a viewer.
  3. No Screenshot
    2872 total visits
    Free PHP User Registration Login System is so simple that anyone, even without PHP/HTML experience can use it. Key Feature of Free PHP User Registration Login System:- So simple that anyone, even without PHP/HTML experience can use it.- Integrateable Login, Logoff, and registration pages.- Integrates into your already established database.- Easy to start up a new database. Sample table included.- ...
  4. No Screenshot
    2870 total visits
    Perceptron is a script implements a model of the Percetron (Artificial Neural Networks - ANN) that can be trained to recognize patterns in its inputs. This is similar to the algorithm used on palmtops to recognize words written on its pen pad.The example that comes with this script demonstrates how it can be used to find people that match the ...
  5. Arc Length
    2869 total visits
    The script Arc Length can be used measure the length of arc of circle that contains 3 given points. Arc Length takes the coordinates of three points and tries to fit them in a arc of circle. Then it calculates the length of that arc.
  6. No Screenshot
    2867 total visits
    PHP Encrypt/Decrypt Text! includes an encrypt and decrypt function that will change normal text into an encrypted version using PHP's strtr(); function. It basically changes every known character in the arrays to a different character, ex: a=>9, b=>é, c=>r, etc. Note: This script uses a very easy algorithm, if it could even be considered that, and isn't recommended for extremely ...
  7. No Screenshot
    2865 total visits
    Barcode can generate barcode graphics supporting different bar formatting standards. It supports the standards EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISBN, 2 of 5 interleaved, postnet, codabar, code128, code39 and code93.The barcode graphics can be generated as images in the PNG, GIF or JPEG formats. The generated images can be served as the current script output or stored in a file.
  8. No Screenshot
    2855 total visits
    User Checker connects to a MySQL database and retrieves the password field of the record a given user to be authenticated.If the given user record exists, the class verifies whether the password is correct, eventually using a configurable password hashing function. The database table name, as well as the user identifier and password field name, can be configured.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or ...
  9. PHP Login
    2853 total visits
    This is a free PHP login script to give your site a strong level of security. It enables web page password protection across as many pages as you want, all with just adding one line of code for each page you wish to protect.
  10. No Screenshot
    2849 total visits
    Link where the user can authenticate on Gmail, Hotmail, MSN Windows Live or Yahoo, are generated with Contacts importer. Once the user authenticates, the user returns to a page with a script that calls the class so it receives request values that can be used to retrieve the contacts from the Web mail accounts using their Web service APIs. You ...
  11. CountDown PHP Script
    2848 total visits
    This PHP script is created to display the time remaining to a given date. It first takes a given final date and then computes the remaining time to reach that date. The remaining time in seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks will be displayed by CountDown PHP Script if the date has not been reached. Or just a countdown finished ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2846 total visits
    YouTube takes the URL of a video page in the YouTube site and parses it to extract the video identifier.YouTube can generate HTML to embed a player to show the video in other Web site pages. The embedded video player width and height is configurable.HTML code used to display thumbnails of the videos can also be generated.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
  13. No Screenshot
    2840 total visits
    Class Treeview can be used to display a collapsible tree of documents. It generates HTML with Javascript to display a tree of folders and sub-folders with links to the documents.The document links trigger the execution of Javascript code, so Class Treeview can be used to execute other actions besides opening new document pages.Requirements: PHP 5.0
  14. No Screenshot
    2839 total visits
    Google Map Plotter can use Google Maps geocoding support to retrieve the latitude and longitude of a location give its address. The HTML and JavaScript code required to display a map with a marked specified location, can also be generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  15. No Screenshot
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    The freeware script is an easy php opening time program in order to show too different times passed away suitable texts, suitable for shops, practise, ect. A data bank is not required.Joomla compatible Appearance, Example: Now our shopis closed! Monday open 08 - 12:30, 13 - 19 o'clock.The pattern is always: Opening time, lunchbreak closingtime or only: Opening time, closing-timeFeatures: ...
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