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  1. WP Twitter Sidebar Widget
    65 total visits
    This is a free WordPress plugin for showing an user's tweets on the sidebar. Just add a sidebar widget and enter the user's Twitter usename. This is the best twitter API for wordpress your will find. Features of WP Twitter Sidebar Widget:- Simple to use- Easy to install- Customizable- Support available- Uses Wordpress resources (no extra files needed)- Option to ...
  2. No Screenshot
    65 total visits
    rc-CSS is a WordPress plugin which can merge and compress CSS stylesheets. For blogs with plenty of styles and lots of CSS stylesheets being loaded via the theme architecture and various additional plugins, this plugin is a must. It will take all CSS files, merge them into one, and them minify them to reduce their size. Because comments will be ...
  3. Automatic Twitter Links
    64 total visits
    This WordPress plugin can automatically convert Twitter usernames and hashtags to Twitter profile and searchlinks in pages, posts and comments. This eliminates the hassle of inserting the links manually.Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  4. No Screenshot
    63 total visits
    This WordPress plguin allows you to show your latest Google Plus posts on your blog or site. Therefore its a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors.Requirements:- WordPress 2.3 or Higher
  5. Opera Speed Dial support
    61 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin to allow the admin of a WordPress site to set a custom Opera Speed Dial thumbnail. The plugin automates the inclusion of a special image to be used by Opera browsers as the Speed Dial thumbnail.To make this plugin work, upload an icon, saved as PNG as: wp-content/osd-image.png.Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload ...
  6. HeadJS Plus
    61 total visits
    This WordPress plugin can be used to add the Jead JS library to a live WordPress site. Head JS is a JavaScript library to load sripts in parallel but execute them in order. It allows to be the only script called in a website's HEAD section.It is a concise solution to universal issues in web development. The plugin automates the ...
  7. Google Inteligent +1 Button
    61 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for embedding Google +1 buttons in the blog. It can be used via shorcode, the sidebar as a widget or it can automatically be embedded in posts and pages. A backend administration page is provided. The shortcode syntax is [googleplusbutton].Requirements:- WordPress 3.0.1 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin ...
  8. No Screenshot
    61 total visits
    akismet-php4 PHP4 script is a wrapper for the Akismet API which is a spam filtering service developed by the company that created WordPress. Currently works with PHP 5 as well. This script avoids relying on cURL for network communication, nor PEAR for error handling, making it very portable.Requirements:- PHP 4 or Higher
  9. Tweet Page Social Widget
    60 total visits
    This is WordPress plugin for embedding a Twitter tweet button. The button can be added to the sidebar via a widget or to the content of a post/page using a shortcode.Some examples of correct usage of this shortcode are:[tweet/] [tweet text=”Check out this page!”/][tweet text=”Visit us at PHPKode.com” url=”http://www.phpkode.com/”/]Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's New in this version:- Added shortcode function
  10. OBPipe
    59 total visits
    This script can manipulate PHP output with named pipe buffers. It can capture PHP script output and store it in one or more buffer variables associated with given names.The script also can reorder, disable and manipulate the buffered output before sending it to the browser.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  11. hkit
    58 total visits
    This is a simple PHP tool for extracting common microformats from a page. The page can be presented as a string or a URL, and the result is handed back as a standard PHP array structure.hkit uses SimpleXML for parsing, supported only in PHP 5.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  12. Flattr - WordPress plugin
    58 total visits
    This is a free WordPress plugin to add a Flattr button to WordPress content. Flattr is a social network for micropayments. People share links using Flattr buttons and the content creators get payed for their effort. This plugin allows content creators to add Flattr buttons to their content.Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. ...
  13. Recreatex Class
    58 total visits
    Recreatex script is a wrapper for the ReCreateX software package. ReCreate is a software package for automating operations in recreational centres and services. Each method is documented with PHPDoc and inline comments.
  14. Xhanch - My Quote
    57 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for showing a random quote with provided predefined quotes or an user's own collection. With the plugin, the user can provide useful and worthy knowledge, words and information to visitors.The website will be more dynamic and more keywords-rich since the content of every pages of a WordPress website will keep changing due to the plugin.Requirements:- ...
  15. Minimum Comment Length
    57 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin to check the comment for a set minimun length and disapprove it if it's too short. The administrator is not subject to this check.Requirements:- WordPress 2.2 or HigherWhat's New in this version 1.0:- Added inline & PHPdoc documentation.- Made the entire plugin ready for i18n, you can find the .pot file in /languages/, please email ...
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