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    TCPDF is an extension and improvement of the FPDF class.Here are some key features of TCPDF:- No external libraries are required;- Supports all ISO page formats;- Supports UTF-8 Unicode and Right-To-Left languages;- Supports document encryption;- Includes methods to publish some HTML code;- Includes graphic and transformation methods;- Includes bookmarks;- Includes JavaScript and forms support;- Includes a method to print various ...
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    HTML Mime Mail is a PHP class which allows you to easily send email from your PHP scripts with attachments, HTML and embedded images. Features of HTML Mime Mail:- Can send email with To,Cc, Bcc and Reply-To recipients- Can send email using the PHP mail() function, piping direct to Sendmail, Postfix, Exim and also via SMTP- Multipart email, with HTML ...
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    PHP DataGrid (AJAX Enabled) script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The PHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web sites and online-based data administration; it is also useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers.
  4. EasyPhpThumbnail Class
    3392 total visits
    EasyPhpThumbnail Class allows you to handle image manipulation and thumbnail generation for GIF, JPG and PNG on-the-fly. The script is FREE for open-source projects, 100% PHP based, available for PHP4 and PHP5, is easy to use and provides lots of functionality such as resize, crop, rotate, flip, save as, shadow, watermark, text, border, filter, twirl, water ripple and more!!
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    MediaCore Video CMS is a free open source video cms and prodcast platform. MediaCore can pull video or audio from any source, track statistics, enable commenting, and provide a high degree of control over the presentation and administration. Who uses MediaCore? The CMS was built for individuals and organizations who wish to distribute video or podcasts on their website without ...
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    PHP smart client loader can be used to compact CSS and JavaScript served by HTML pages. It can compact CSS styles by removing comments and whitespaces. It can also do the same for JavaScript calling the JSMin class. It can also combine multiple CSS files or multiple JavaScript file into a single file. The resulting CSS or JavaScript can be ...
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    Barcode Image Generator is a small script to generate Code 3 of 9 barcodes for use within your HTML files. The GD image manipulation library is required. Great for databases and inventory tracking scripts.
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    FREE Simple to use Online invoice system ! It has PayPal support option.Features of PHP Online Invoice System:- Secure Admin section plus Client login section.- Add as many clients as needed.- Add as many invoices for each customer as needed. - Invoices self total the inputted data.- You can search through customers or invoices for keywords. - Keeps track of ...
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    Love Calculator implements a numerology algorithm to measure the so called "love factor" between the names of two persons. You may have heard about the "love factor" on MTV shows.
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    Class Cache is capable of caching arbitrary data in files of a given folder. This is meant to help reducing the time it takes to serve the same content of pages that would take a long time to generate and would slow down the access to such pages if they had to regenerated everytime when not using content caching.Class Cache ...
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    php easy :: seo report script is intended to lookup for SEO results for your domain on all major search engines and other important sites and to present them on a single page. The script retrieves and displays the following information about your domain: Google indexed pages, Google inbound links, Yahoo indexed pages, Yahoo inbound links, Bing indexed pages, Bing ...
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    Read POP3/IMAP attachment can be used to retrieve attachment files from messages stored in mailbox of a POP3 or IMAP server.Read POP3/IMAP attachment opens a given mailbox using the PHP IMAP extension, look for all messages with attachment messages, decode the attachments and saves them to files with the same file name specified in the message.
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    phpOCR is a script can be used as a tool for optical character recognition.It can recognize text in monochrome graphical images after a training phase. The training phase is necessary to let the class build recognition data structures from images that have known characters.The training data structures are used during the recognition process to attempt to identify text in real ...
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    Simple Simple Chat is a very simple PHP chat script, which uses flat txt file. No database is needed . Simple Simple Chat needs only one single php file with 72 lines of code.
  15. Rapidshare Clone Script
    3206 total visits
    Set up your very own file upload website with Rapidshare Clone Script, you can get users to upload their files to your site, and ask people to pay membership for faster download speeds, etc.. Installation: - edit config.php and set your own settings - upload all files and folders - CHMOD all of the .txt files to 777 - CHMOD ...
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