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    2643 total visits
    Digital Clock is a PHP script for displaying the current time in a digital clock on your web page. It uses individual digit images for the clock, and does not require any special library.
  2. Sudoku Solver
    2635 total visits
    Sudoku is a puzzle game that has become very popular recently and has been published in many newspapers.Sudoku is a number puzzle game where you are presented with a grid of size 9 by 9, that is subdivided in 9 blocks of 3 by 3. Some fields in the grid contain a digit from 1 to 9. The objective is ...
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    2631 total visits
    Google Custom Search can send an HTTP request to the Google Custom Search Engine Web services API server to perform a given search. The search results and the spelling correction suggestions can be retrieved. The character set encoding of search keywords and results is configurable. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The movie title, year, cast, poster image and more can be extracted from IMDb pages.IMDb_Fetch can optionally cache the retrieved information in a MySQL database. The movie poster images can be cached in files.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    2625 total visits
    A list of products can be retrieved from a MySQL database and HTML code can be generated to display the products on a page with the script Shopping Cart AJAX. The products have links to add or remove them from a shopping cart. When the user clicks on the product links the browser sends an AJAX request to the server ...
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    2624 total visits
    This script can be used to display month calendars browseable using AJAX. It can generate HTML and JavaScript to display a month calendar with links to browse the months using AJAX to avoid page reloading.The script can make given days be displayed as links to event pages. The browsing may be restricted to given dates. The months and week day ...
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    2623 total visits
    Kruskal implements the Kruskal algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree that traverses a given set of nodes of a graph.A graph is described as set of nodes and arcs connecting them. The class takes an associative array that has as indexes the letters of the starting and ending node.The respective array entry values represent the cost of traversing two ...
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    2621 total visits
    Complete Horoscope can be used to retrieve all horoscope aspects from astrology.com site. It is an improved version of the horoscope class originally written by George Clarke.Complete Horoscope access the astrology.com site pages for each Zodiac sign and retrieves daily, weekly, monthly or year summaries horoscope and about aspects for single people or couples, romance, career, fitness, teen, technology, flirting, ...
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    2618 total visits
    KoolTreeView is an Excellent Treeview control for PHP, combining Highly-Efficient rendering and AJAX Loading On-Demand support for Superior Performance. Some of Highlighted Geatures of KoolTreeView - Great PHP TreeView with Ajax Capability: - Rendering Thousand tree nodes in a second. - Very simple PHP interface. - Rich Client-side API. - Search-Engine Friendly. - Drag and Drop Behavior. - Edit Node ...
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    2616 total visits
    PoMMo is versatile Mass Mailing software. Add a mailing list to your website, or organize stand alone mailings. Unique features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers set it apart from alternatives.PoMMO is designed to be easy to use and powerful, PoMMo provides flexible Mailing Management that everyone needs, from Software Projects to Shoe Stores, to Marketing ...
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    2612 total visits
    Weight Loss Calculator is a free and easy to install PHP weight loss planning calculator (calories calculator). The script contains just one PHP script which to be included in your website. There are live conversions and javascript validations of the user input.
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    2603 total visits
    A person's height and weight are used to determine the value of several biometric indexes.Key Features of Biometrics Class:- Body Mass Index (BMI) and limit weights- Ideal Body Weight (4 methods)- Lean Body Mass (2 methods)- Calculation of Total Water (2 methods)- Body Surface Area (6 methods)- Energy Expense at Rest (3 methods)- Daily Energy NeedRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    2601 total visits
    CRUD Class takes a database table and a list of table fields and can generate forms to insert, update and delete the table records, as well list the information stored in those table records.CRUD Class supports retrieving information for storing in the table record fields from joined tables. Multiple databases are supported through separate abstraction layers.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The generated JavaScript code allows adding in-place editors to specified input elements of the current HTML page. PHP - Handle in Place Editor can add in place editors to one or multiple page elements given their identifiers. It associates a given PHP script that is called via AJAX when the content of the edited elements are updated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    The calendar is monthly-based.Key Features of Calendar generation class:- Generates output any month of any year of the calendar.- Returns an HTML string that is compliant with XHTML.- Lets the HTML properties and data format of the calendar days table cells be customized in a subclass.
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