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    1915 total visits
    This PHP script displays an image counter using cookies on your Web page. Cookies Digits Counter uses individual digit images, and does not require any special library.
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    1684 total visits
    Cookies Graph Counter is a PHP-based visitor counter script using cookies. It uses the GD library to create a gif graph counter on your Web page.
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    1319 total visits
    Access Text Counter is a simple PHP script that allows you to display a text-based access counter on your Web page. It uses a flat text file for data storing.
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    1726 total visits
    Cookies Text Counter is a simple PHP script that allows you to display a text counter using cookies on your Web page.
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    2055 total visits
    PHP Poll is a single question voting system for your web site. Features of PHP Poll: - View results without voting, - Uses a text file for data handling, - Display the results in a graphical mode, and more.
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    1131 total visits
    Simple Protect is a simple PHP script for checking login / password before authorizing to access a given page.
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    1238 total visits
    PHP Form2Mail is a PHP port of the classical Form2Mail CGI script that allows users to send an email to you via a Web form.
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    2146 total visits
    MTG PHP is a PHP script for generating HTML META tags that can be used in your HTML document.
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    1892 total visits
    Simple Web Search allows you to search a SWISH-E index using the SWISH-E 1.X.X Binary and PHP3.Key Features of Simple Web Search: - Limit searches to Head, Title, Body, Heading, Emphasis, and Comment,- Display specified meta tag contents, - Multiple indices available via drop-down select box, - Max number of hits via drop-down select box. (10, 50, 100, 500 are ...
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    2001 total visits
    TAF is a small todo list manager written in PHP that uses PostgreSQL database on backend.Features of TAF: multi-user, priority, category, assigned-user management of a task list, and closed (terminated) tasks with termination date.The authentification mechanism is based on 'valid users' under Apache, to avoid another users database. Please nothat that this script is written in french.
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