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    Class which generates a barcode128 for printing (PDF format).
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    MP3 ID3v2 Tag class allows you to read id2v2 frames of mp3 files.This classalso read id3v1 tag and mpeg frame.
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    Base Calendar is a calendar generation class based on the original version of William J Sanders, that comes with the possibility to use navigation links to switch the month you that is displayed.In the Update there is the possibility to inser Appointment and make it recurrence for one year.
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    Calendar Generator is a simple class to generate a calendar of a given month as an HTML table. The class just takes the month and the year as arguments to generate the whole calendar.
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    Registration can be used as a module to register new users of a site using forms that use CAPTCHA image validation to prevent that robots register automatically simulating a real human user.When a new user submits the registration form, a message is sent to his e-mail address so he can confirm that he owns the supplied e-mail address and really ...
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    PWGen creates random character passwords, and outputs them to text, html, or as images. It also provides a demo of image verification code ala Yahoo account sign up.
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    phpsecureweb class helps you to Protect your sites or intranet. It is database independent as what adODB supports.You are required to have a database of your liking. Simply install the tables, sign on as an Admin, create users and groups, assign users and actions to the groups, and you are almost done.Now write 4-5 lines of code for the pages ...
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    PHP Auth is meant to manage the records of a directory of users and provide users authentication services.It can create, edit, delete and search a directory of users with properties stored in records of a SQL database. It provides pre-built registration and user record editing HTML forms.PHP Auth may also authenticate a user presenting a login form and logout the ...
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    Encrypt MD5 64 implements an algorithm that uses the MD5 digest of a key to encrypt and decrypt data.The encrypted data is encoded with the base 64 algorithm to return the resulting data in a plain ASCII text string.
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    MVC Membership System is a package of classes that implements an user membership system using the Model-View-Controller design pattern.MVC Membership System has a base class that models abstract users and has specialized sub-classes that implement regular members and administrator users. The package uses Smarty as presentation templating system and ADODB database access layer.
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    MySQL Dump can be used to generate a dump of the structure and data contained in a given MySQL database.It generates a string that contains of SQL statements that when executed can recreate the structure of tables as well the contents of its rows.Therefore, MySQL Dump can be used to generate backup copies of a given MySQL database.
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    bib_uploadfile can be used to process files uploaded via Web forms.The class can move the uploaded files to another directory, eventually with a new file name. If the other directory does not exist, the class may create it.If the uploaded files are actually image files, the class may also resize them to a given new image size.
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    sql2dia creates a diagram from your sql file.
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    FedExDC has been developed to process transactions with FedEx's Ship Manager using the Direct Connection API. It can be used for all transactions that the API can support.For more detailed information please referer to FedEx's documentation located at their website
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    Power Thumb is meant to generate thumbnails for images that can be processed with optional color filters and be presented in HTML pages with optional full scale zoom links.Currently the supported color filters are grayscale, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and black. The full scale image link opens in popup window and displays the description of the picture.The attributes ...
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