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    Form auto Generator builds completely an HTML Form based in a description of the fields, it's ideal to avoid writing one form for any new table you have to feed.This contains only the form generator. And it´s builded over two classes, one builds the field and the other builds the entiry form.
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    class.dropshadow.php allows for easy creation of thumbnail images with (or without!) a drop shadow effect. Images can be read from a file or passed as a string (as you might take the images from a database), and they can also be resized for easy creation of thumbnails. You can also change the background colour of the image and generate the ...
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    Image Pop Up Class is designed to ease the publication of images in html webpages that uses PHP.Functions of Image Pop Up Class:- With this class you can insert pictures in your web pages in one line (simlar to tags).- The class automatically creates a link to the original image using javascript (displaying the selected picture in a new window ...
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    SetiStats is a PHP-Class to grab the Seti@Home Userstats from the Seti@Home Server. Now your Userstats can look as you like.
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    phpdomxml is an implementation for XML's Document Object Model in PHP. The XML DOM is a programming interface for XML documents. It defines the way an XML document can be accessed and manipulated.Somehow PHP is missing a simple DOM for XML and I liked the way Actionscript (and Javascript) uses the DOM to address information in an XML document. So ...
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    DBF Class is meant to extract information from a database file in the DBF format. It can be used for migrating the DBF file to any format you want.The class is capable of processing the DBF files using only basic PHP functions. So it does not need any PHP extensions to handle the DBF database files.DBF Class reads the names ...
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    Request filter can apply given filter rules to the script request values such as those passed via GET or POST HTTP methods.Currently the class supports rules that specify filters to accept only values that can be strings or integers or do not exceed a given limit.The request values that do not conform to the filter rules can be discarded, so ...
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    Bar Code Generator can generate barcode graphics suitable for generating payment order documents named boletos that are accepted by banks in Brazil.It takes as argument a string of digits and outputs a GIF image with bars that represent the argument value according to the specification of FEBRABAN Brazilian bank organization.Bar Code Generator is based on a script originally developed by ...
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    MySql To Excel class is used for exporting the data from a MySql to spreadsheet files in the Excel format. The class executes a given database query and extract the result set data to generate the Excel spreadsheet.The generated Excel spreadsheet can be stored in a given file or be made available immediately for download.
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    Class Lang is a simple class to retrieve localization texts that are stored in language files. It is meant to help in adaptation of the same application in different idioms.The class reads a localization file for the specificed idiom and then it may output or return text strings of that idiom given the number of the line of the text ...
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    Port Scanner is meant to help server administrators to check whether its networking services are up or down.Port scanning may also be used to make preliminary security checks by detecting which services may be running in a server that may be susceptible of security vulnerabilities.Port Scanner can scan multiple ports at once as well as returning the name of the ...
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    Database Queries package is an abstraction for executing database queries or stored procedures depending on the database.This class is based on factory design pattern that is used to choose which of the supported database interface classes it will use.Currently, the package comes with classes to execute MySQL and MS SQL server database queries or stored procedures. One can extend this ...
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    ADOXML is meant to execute a SELECT query on any database table and generate a XML document from the query results. It can also take the resulting XML document and execute an INSERT or UPDATE SQL query to update any other table.Requirements:- ADODB- EZXML
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    Compare Files can compare two text files, like for instance PHP, HTML, ASP, to determine which lines are different. It can also highlight the differences displaying the files in inline frames.
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    Generator of the code can generate scripts to present forms for manipulate MySQL database table records.It can retrieve the list of fields of a given MySQL database table to generate a PHP script that can execute SQL queries to insert, update or delete records of that table.
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