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    Class library for barchart,piechart and linechart graphs.
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    PowerGraphic is a class meant for generating graphic charts of several types from a data set of values to be represented in the chart.The chart data set is passed as an array of values representing the chart labels the respective chart value. Currently it can generate charts of the types: vertical bars, horizontal bars, dots, lines, pie and donut.The presentation ...
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    WebSite Backup is meant to make a compressed archive in the .tar.gz format that includes backup copies of the files of a site.It uses function exec() to call the tar program that creates the backup archive, but the class can changed use passthru() function to get all output of the command.
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    Aprint is a small class built to print many text directly from PHP at server side when the Web server is running under Windows.Features of APrint:- Set the page margins- Define many font parameters like font type, size, underline- Use different font type for each line- Automatically start new page when the previous is full- Simple page numbering- May choose ...
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    multipleInsert is very useful when it is necessary to insert multiple records into a single table. Instead of looping over a insert query, we can create one insert query by using this class.
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    Converting images between formats may be useful for Web applications because each image format has advantages and disadvantages depending on the applications purpose.With JPEG you can reduce the quality to limit the file size. With GIF you can make it transparent or generate animations. With PNG you can avoid GIF color model restrictions. With SWF you can protect your image ...
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    Google Client is a simple class that searches the Web using Google via the SOAP Web services API. This class requires the PHP 5 SOAP extension.Requirements: PHP 5 SOAP extension
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    Anti-Hacking Session Manager can manage user access sessions providing some security features. It verifies whethers the IP address and the browser identification (user agent) are not different from those used when the session is created. Otherwise, the session is flagged as invalid. An exception is opened for users accessing the site via AOL, due to the rotating proxy problem.Anti-Hacking Session ...
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    gnuPG class provides an PHP interface to use the functionality of gnuPG to encrypt and decrypt data and manipulate encryption keys.The implemented functionality includes:- GenKey: generate a new key.- Encrypt: encrypt any content- Decrypt: decrypt previously encrypted content- Export: export a key- Import: import a key block- ListKeys: list the keys in the key ring- DeleteKey: delete a key from ...
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    Beauty XML is meant to reformat XML documents with consistent indentation and line breaking rules.The class can be configured to use any sequence of whitespace characters for indentation. Optionally, it may also break the words of long lines that exceed a configurable line length.
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    sockclass allows send POST headers to any sites, icq, boards, and others.
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    PHP RPC Lite classes implements a lightweight remote procedure call server and client for calling functions in a distinct server also running a PHP script. It can be used for invoking distributed services running on different Web servers running PHP.The PHP RPC client takes function call arguments and marshalls to a PHP RPC server using HTTP POST method. The server ...
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    CodeKit is an interface to a universal database code table. It takes all of the programming work out of maintaining multiple database code definition sets.The code administration page lets you define new virtual code tables and enter all codes and their descriptions. Perl and PHP classes retrieve the code descriptions and automatically generate HTML code selection elements.
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    psxlsgen includes some classes which are used to generate very simple MS Excel file (xls) via PHP. The generated xls file can be obtained by web as a stream file or can be written under $default_dir path.psxlsgen has very simple usage to generate xls file from a select query using mysql, pgsql, oci8 databases.Limitation:Max character size of a text(label) cell ...
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    Currency Converter classes can convert money amountsfrom one currency to another.Currency Converter classes takes a given money amount and the origin and conversion currency code and then it retrieves converted amount by connecting to the XE.com site.
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