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    With the help of API, the request is parsed in a custom XML format and passed to a Web service via a client. The Web service function call and parameters are stored in class variables. The script may also generate XML for the response to be returned to the client. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Create Fast Divide Pages can be used to display listings split among multiple pages. It takes as parameters the total number of entries, the number entries to display per page, and the number of the current page. The class Create Fast Divide Pages generates a list of links to go to other pages of the listing. There is also a ...
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    PHP smart client loader can be used to compact CSS and JavaScript served by HTML pages. It can compact CSS styles by removing comments and whitespaces. It can also do the same for JavaScript calling the JSMin class. It can also combine multiple CSS files or multiple JavaScript file into a single file. The resulting CSS or JavaScript can be ...
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    captchaSteroid can be used to generate CAPTCHA validation images with distorted text.captchaSteroid can render the validation text in an image. After the text is rendered, a new image is generated applying wave distortion effects to the original image, in order to make the text harder to guess by robots.The image size, text font, background color, and background image are configurable ...
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    ABrowser Class can be used to provide a Web interface to browser server side files and folders. It lets the user browse listings of files and folders below the current script directory.Features of ABrowser Class:- List folders in the first column- List files in the next three columns: images, scripts and text files- The images files can be presented either ...
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    The movie title, year, cast, poster image and more can be extracted from IMDb pages.IMDb_Fetch can optionally cache the retrieved information in a MySQL database. The movie poster images can be cached in files.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This module was created to increase your link popularity (A hyper link pointing to your site from another site). Inbound links effect your link popularity and your rankings in many search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, HotBot, etc. Many search engines use Link Popularity as a factor for determining page rank. The way this works is as follows. If ...
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    Oracle class allows to develop applications using Oracle 8i or higher. It supports bind variables, IN/OUT variables for PL/SQL procedures and BLOB support. Additionally Oracle class features an easy-to-learn API and an error-management which includes auto-sending of EMails in case an DB error occured. The script works with PHP4 or PHP5 and requires the OCI8 extension to be enabled in ...
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    Advanced file upload and ajax upload is the PHP script found with the package can check if the uploaded files have one of the allowed file name extensions and MIME types, and does not exceed the allowed file limits. All photos are opened to verify they really contain image data of the determined format. The script has write permissions and ...
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    Forms can be validated on the client side before they are submitted. It can also validate forms on the server side using the class' own PHP code.Currently Combo Validation supports several built- in validation types such as empty fields, e- mail address, URL, numeric value within optional range, length between a range, and others. The way errors are displayed after ...
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    Config Manager can help developers, who maintain PHP applications that require users to edit configuration files.Key Features of Config Manager:- Allows caching of the config file as a serialized array stored in a file- Supports arrays and associative arrays- Supports 4 basic variable types: string, integer, double and booleanSupports special characters when enclosed within double quotes:- Allows editing of the ...
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    Pure PHP radius class connects to a Radius server given its IP address and requests access on behalf of an user given his password. Once authentication is completed successfully, the attributes of the authorized user can be returned. Key Features of Pure PHP radius class:- Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS) with two-factor authentication- FreeRADIUS, a free Radius server implementation for ...
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    Transmission of file can send files to remote servers using stream handlers for ssh2.sftp, ftp, ftps, http and https.The files can be retrieved from the same type of servers and served for download by another class.Requirements:PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Template Manager can load a template file and process it to extract the list of template variables and replace them by template variable values.The Template Manager supports replacing variables from given array values,or taking the values from global variables, including other template files. A .conf file is processed and any setting is loaded as Template.KeyRequirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    This class can be used to generate Javascript to send AJAX requests using jQuery library.It can generate HTML with Javascript code to call the jQuery library to send several types of requests.Currently it can send GET requests, send form POST requests and load content into page elements.
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