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    170 total visits
    Upble enables you build your business review website in minutes, written by the most popular web programming language PHP and released under MIT license. Features of Upble: - Business management, including editing, adding, deleting. User can rate and review businesses, and upload pictures for businesses - Multiple Cities supported Google map supported Basic SNS, including activity feeds, following other user,profile, ...
  2. GAuthify-PHP
    232 total visits
    GAuthify-PHP is a PHP authentication system based on Google Authenticator, which is a wrapper for the GAuthify.com REST API. GAuthify.com is a Web service that provides an SMS and email 2-factor authentication system based on Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator is a service from Google for enrolling in a 2-step verification process for improving a site's login security. Requirements:- GAuthify.com API ...
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    80 total visits
    Contact Data is a WordPress plugin to centralize all the contact data about a site's owner. The 'Contact Data' plugin uses a set of shortcode and PHP functions (detailed in the README file) to output various contact details about a site's owner. It can output all of them in one place, or one by one individually. Features of Contact Data:Managed ...
  4. KKRetinaPlease
    88 total visits
    KKRetinaPlease is a PHP script for serving Retina images to appropriate devices. KKRetinaPlease was designed to help developers implement Apple's new fad, Retina quality images. KKRetinaPlease sniffs the visitor's device for Retina support and delivers appropriate images to those devices. The only thing that changes with KKRetinaPlease in the developer's process is the way he writes the 'src' attribute for ...
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    94 total visits
    zbPlayer is an audio player for the WordPress system. It will parse a page's or post's content, detect URLs linking to an audio file and replace them with an actual Flash audio player visitors can use to play and listen to the song. The player width and the ability to autoplay the song on page load is configurable from an ...
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    180 total visits
    Mini-Fetch retrieves SPECIFIC sections of content from local pages or remote websites - automatically. It uses PHP to extract just the part of the remote page you want and pull it back, reformat it, and insert it anywhere you want it in your page - links, HTML, text, images - whatever you want and nothing you don't. With Mini-Fetch, every ...
  7. Deefour SpellCheck
    113 total visits
    Deefour SpellCheck is a PHP script for fixing spelling mistakes. It uses the same XML service that the Google Toolbar. Spell Check uses to fix wrongly typed texts. Script usage instructions are provided with the package's README file. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher Limitations:- Deefour SpellCheck is not 100% perfect because it will replace detected spelling mistakes with its top ...
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    196 total visits
    PHP-MySQL-Wrapper is a PHP script for database interfacing with MySQL servers. It implements an ActiveRecord-like system for PHP when dealing with MySQL database interactions. A special scritp for CodeIgniter-based apps and websites is also available. Documentation is provided as code comments.
  9. Assets
    119 total visits
    Assets is a PHP script for bundling together multiple JS scripts. Assets takes a list of JavaScript files to load, merges them into one single file and delivers them to the user's browsers in one HTTP request.This method saves bandwidth and improves page load times. A sample page is included with the download package.
  10. Real Estate Script - iRealty
    1488 total visits
    Real Estate Script is an all-in-one tool for creating and managing a modern real estate classifieds website. Packed with features and options, yet intuitive and straightforward, php real estate script incorporates design-driven database and content management systems.Integrated payment gateways (2CO, PayPal), SEO-friendly functionality, and full support of multiple languages are just a handful of amazing features php real estate script ...
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    68 total visits
    Ban Hammer is a WordPress plugin prevents spam bots from registering on the blog. Ban Hammer pulls from the list of blacklisted emails from the Comment Blacklist feature native to WordPress. With this plugin the blacklist need to be updated only in one place. When a blacklisted user attempts to register, they get a customizable message that they cannot register. ...
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    799 total visits
    FP Membership is a PHP script to implement an authentication system on a website. It can be integrated with any site running on PHP. Features of FP Membership:- Registration page.- Forgot password page.- Login page.- Profile page.- Delete account page.- Mailing list.- Limited access to files/folders.- Add/Edit/Remove users.- Add/Edit/Remove profile fields.- Require/Optionate profile fields.- Enable/Disable account delete page.- Completely customizable ...
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    109 total visits
    No-Spam IP Geolocation is an unique way to protect the blog against spam. The No-Spam IP Geolocation plugin uses geolocation to protect the blog against spammers. It uses CloudFlare's IP Geolocation service to stop 'dumb' bots dead in their tracks. No-Spam IP Geolocation can embed a new form field in the comments and site registration forms, asking the user for ...
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    156 total visits
    rConfig is a free open source network device configuration management utility for network engineers to take frequent configuration snapshots of their network devices. rConfig is unique, because you choose what commands you want to run against your devices. Simply configure rConfig with the list of commands you wish to apply to a category of devices, and add devices to the ...
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    87 total visits
    Rounded PHP is a PHP library for drawing round corners on graphic elements. It can render anti-aliased rounded corners in a determined image format (GIF, PNG, JPG). These images can then be used for drawing various shapes with rounded corners. It's main purpose was to help IE6 and other non-compliant browsers render CSS3's border-radius property. Nevertheless, the library can be ...
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