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  1. Instrumentation for PHP
    130 total visits
    Instrumentation for PHP is a set of PHP scripts for measuring an application's performance via PHP. Instrumentation is a term used to describe the process of measuring an application's performance. This set of PHP scripts allows a PHP developer to target certain variables of his environment and put mechanisms in place for measuring how they react when used with his ...
  2. No Screenshot
    152 total visits
    Shard-Query is a PHP script implementing a distributed parallel query engine for MySQL servers. It was developed to be used in environments where MySQL databases are used to process large volumes of data. Implemented as a simple PHP script, Shard-Query reduces query time when dealing with large datasets and allows multi-threaded processing of query data. Features of Shard-Query:- Parallel query ...
  3. No Screenshot
    191 total visits
    PHP SQL Parser is a PHP library for parsing SQL syntax. For now, the PHP SQL Parser library only supports the MySQL SQL dialect. Other dialects can be added, but some hard-coding might be required. All parsed SQL statements will be stored inside an array. Features of PHP SQL Parser:- Supported MySQL statements- DELETE- INSERT- REPLACE- SELECT- SET- UPDATE Limitations:- ...
  4. No Screenshot
    151 total visits
    WP SMS is a plugin for sending SMS messages via WordPress. The plugin allows users to subscribe via their telephone number and get blog updates via SMS. Features of WP SMS:- Send SMS messages- Manage a subscribers list- Sidebar widget- Stats widget in the WP backend- Shortcode system Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher Limitations:- For now it supports only Iranian ...
  5. No Screenshot
    140 total visits
    Node Runner is a PHP network monitor which is designed to contact network nodes in a specific order based on the hierarchy of your network. If a node does not respond, each of its parents are systematically checked until the true problem is identified.
  6. No Screenshot
    173 total visits
    Smush.it API is a PHP library for the Smush.it API. It is a Yahoo service that reduces image file size and improves load times and performance for Web pages. The 'Smush.it API' PHP library allows developers to query the API, send images and return them in optimized form.
  7. DaDaBIK
    1049 total visits
    Do you want to move your database to the Web without programming a dedicated application? You need a database CMS. DaDaBIK is a very popular and mature software which makes the creation of PHP online database applications easy.No coding is required; if you have a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite DB you can create a basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) ...
  8. No Screenshot
    141 total visits
    phpRetrieve is a Web-based database management toolkit. It allows database administrators to easily build SQL queries and interrogate the database for desired data. All database interfacing is done via a Web interface, accessible through the browser. Features of phpRetrieve:- Config-based install- Easy to use SQL query builder- Export query results to CSV and/or XML- Save queries for later usage- Private ...
  9. No Screenshot
    210 total visits
    WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool. It is not limited to just web hosting, any business with a need for online billing, particularly of a recurring nature, for example services or memberships, then WHMCS can be a perfect solution.WHMCS ...
  10. No Screenshot
    99 total visits
    IP.Board is the leading solution for creating an engaging discussion forum on the web. Trusted by thousands of forums, large and small. IP.Board supports categories, forums and sub-forums in whatever hierarchy makes sense for your community. Each category and forum has individual permissions and settings, allowing you to precisely determine who can access what, and what they can do with ...
  11. No Screenshot
    130 total visits
    OBJ MySQL is a simple MySQL Abstraction Layer for PHP>5.2 that provides a simple and secure interaction with your database using mysqli_* functions at its core. OBJ-MySQL is perfect for small scale applications such as cron jobs, facebook canvas campaigns or micro frameworks or sites.
  12. No Screenshot
    236 total visits
    Ultimate Client Manager is the most complete and easy to use Invoice, Customer and Project management system available. Host the application on your own website or in house server. Pay once, free upgrades forever!This feature packed system lets you easily keep all your customer and project details in one place. You can keep website information (ftp details, renewal dates), project ...
  13. No Screenshot
    148 total visits
    Cart66 is an advanced WordPress e-commerce plugin. It is perfect for running your own store from inside a WordPress powered site. Features of Cart66:- Support for selling physical products, digital products and services- Orders management- Add promotions- Tax control options- Shipping management- Product custom fields- Product variations- Currency management- Email receipts- Affiliate platform integration- General settings page in the admin ...
  14. No Screenshot
    167 total visits
    This is a PHP script for counting and displaying simple data of web site traffic. Records and displays number of site visits and unique visitors, in the current and previous day, the number of online visitors in the last 60 seconds; as well as the top visits, visitors and record of online visitors, also, the IP of the current visitor. ...
  15. Name Extractor
    117 total visits
    Name Extractor is some applications receive e-mail messages from users that do not specify their real name. This script guesses the real name of a person from e-mail address by parsing and splitting it in possible names that make part of the person's real name. It can parse given e-mail header line that should contain a person name and attempts ...
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