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  1. NinjaFirewall
    337 total visits
    NinjaFirewall is a stand-alone PHP firewall script. It allows PHP developers to protect their PHP website against various attacks it may be under. Even if it can work as a stand-alone, NinjaFirewall is also compatible with most common CMSs and e-commerce platforms, like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Virtuemart, osCommerce, X-Cart and PrestaShop. Features of NinjaFirewall:- Admin panel- Easy install script- Prevent ...
  2. Quick Count
    106 total visits
    Quick Count is a WordPress plugin for showing a detailed visitors counter. It can be used as a specific WP function, shortcode or via a sidebar widget. The shortcode syntax is: [quick-count online_count=1 count_each=1 most_count=1 user_list=0] The WP function syntax is: <?php echo quick_count(1, 1, 1, 0); ?> Features of Quick Count:- Can display total number of users online, most ...
  3. No Screenshot
    113 total visits
    GalleryInspector is a PHP script for downloading images from Gallery3 photo albums. GalleryInspector taps into the database of a Gallery3 photo album and retrieves various information about desired objects. It can fetch data about galleries, individual photos and thumbs. The data parsed from Gallery3 can be fetched in XML or JSON format. Requirements:- Gallery 3 or Higher
  4. No Screenshot
    215 total visits
    Prima Members is easy to use open source membership management system with integrated shopping cart. Features of Prima Members:- Product Management- Member Control- Members Settings- Newsletter- Mailer Settings (allows changing the mailer settings using this page)- System e-mail (edit system e-mail templates)- Statistics- Activity Log- Coupons and Discount System Management- Administrator Management- Security Settings- Design Manager Requirements:- PHP 4.1 or ...
  5. No Screenshot
    117 total visits
    Participants Database is a WordPress plugin for running and managing an event's participants list. It comes with a front-end participation entry form and a backend management module. Features of Participants Database:- Fully configurable database for holding any kind of information about people- Customizable forms for collecting and maintaining records- Both front-end and back-end versions of the forms- Shortcode for inserting ...
  6. No Screenshot
    105 total visits
    Simple PopUp is a WordPress plugin to show popup modals at page load. The admin can show any kind of HTML content inside the modal itself. It can be used for getting newsletter subscribers, Twitter followers, showcasing products, etc.. Features of Simple PopUp:- Full Control on Modal Box Content- MegaExit Popup(No Alert Dialogs)- Popup Scheduling- Design Options- Standard WordPress Content ...
  7. No Screenshot
    97 total visits
    Shareaholic is a WordPress plugin is a social media bookmarker. It uses big and colorful icons to help users promote blog articles on different social networks. The plugin adds a social sharing bar under posts or pages, which visitors can use to share a link of the article on their favorite social network. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the ...
  8. No Screenshot
    94 total visits
    Postie is a WordPress plugin for editors to post new articles via email. Even if WordPress allows this using its own mechanism, the plugin adds lots of more extra details, like attachment handling, categories, special permissions, audio and video handling. Requirements:- WordPress 2.8 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Added some checks for emails that aren't correctly formatted (AirMail/WinLink).- ...
  9. Custom Page
    78 total visits
    Custom Page is a plugin for adding custom design elements to any static WordPress page. Custom Page brings forward a mechanism which allows developers to add custom HTML, CSS and JS on a per-page basis. The plugin can add these customizations to already existing page, by integrating the new elements with the already in-place template, or to completely new static ...
  10. No Screenshot
    202 total visits
    Ja2BU is an open source question and answer script written in PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Features of Ja2BU: - SEO friendly url's - private message system - rating system- comments system.
  11. No Screenshot
    250 total visits
    Flatfile Guestbook is a simple guestbook script that works without a MySQL database. It can also be used as a shoutbox. It can be used on any server that runs PHP. There is an admin panel for removing unwanted posts and users.
  12. No Screenshot
    140 total visits
    Bootstrap Admin is an admin skin for the WordPress backend, inspired by Twitter's Bootstrap front-end framework. Just install the plugin and the theme is automatically activated. It does not interfere with the core, just simply overlays the Bootstrap styles across the backend. Includes support for WPMUdev Pro-Sites and WPMUdev MarketPress plugins. Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher What's New in This ...
  13. No Screenshot
    163 total visits
    ezStats for PlayStation Network is a PHP-based leaderboard script for PlayStation Network (PSN) profiles. ezStats is the top of the line solution if wanting to provide a gaming statistics tool for your clan mates and/or friends. Install, add clan members and/or friends and keep track of everybody's PlayStation gaming performances. Other ezStats versions:ezStats for Battlefield 3ezStats for Battlefield Bad Company ...
  14. No Screenshot
    97 total visits
    Pattern Primer is a PHP script to embed and preview code snippets. It reads a folder for HTML files containing code snippets and embeds them into one single page. On the left, the result is shown, while on the right side the source code is displayed raw inside a textarea, ready to be copied or shared with other users. A ...
  15. No Screenshot
    71 total visits
    Batcache is a caching plugin for WordPress, relying on Memcached. It stores cached pages and files on a remote location and serves static pages instead of assembling and rendering the page for every user individually. In case of a huge traffic surge, new users are served older pages, so they still land on the site, even if the page is ...
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