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    148 total visits
    Cart66 is an advanced WordPress e-commerce plugin. It is perfect for running your own store from inside a WordPress powered site. Features of Cart66:- Support for selling physical products, digital products and services- Orders management- Add promotions- Tax control options- Shipping management- Product custom fields- Product variations- Currency management- Email receipts- Affiliate platform integration- General settings page in the admin ...
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    167 total visits
    This is a PHP script for counting and displaying simple data of web site traffic. Records and displays number of site visits and unique visitors, in the current and previous day, the number of online visitors in the last 60 seconds; as well as the top visits, visitors and record of online visitors, also, the IP of the current visitor. ...
  3. Name Extractor
    117 total visits
    Name Extractor is some applications receive e-mail messages from users that do not specify their real name. This script guesses the real name of a person from e-mail address by parsing and splitting it in possible names that make part of the person's real name. It can parse given e-mail header line that should contain a person name and attempts ...
  4. SubRip File PHP Parser
    146 total visits
    SubRip File PHP Parser is a simple PHP script for reading SubRip files. The SubRip File PHP Parser script allows developers to read and use data and text found insied .srt files. This includes subtitle text, subtitle start time, subtitle end time and other meta tags found in the file. SubRip File PHP Parser can also build a WebVVT file ...
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    94 total visits
    Postie is a WordPress plugin for editors to post new articles via email. Even if WordPress allows this using its own mechanism, the plugin adds lots of more extra details, like attachment handling, categories, special permissions, audio and video handling. Requirements:- WordPress 2.8 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Added some checks for emails that aren't correctly formatted (AirMail/WinLink).- ...
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    145 total visits
    eNetman is a network asset management written in PHP & MySQL. It maintains a list of servers that can be x-ref by multiple items. Features of eNetman: - locations - manufacturers - vendors(contact names & phone numbers)- Device log - List of network ports- Software manager- File manager and more
  7. FormSaver
    232 total visits
    FormSaver is a PHP script which can be used to display form field values submitted by POST without additional markup in the HTML form.
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    130 total visits
    Data Validator is a PHP library for data validation based on rules Supports following validation orders: sequence, all-at-once and mix of them (using dependencies model). It can embed different user-defined validation rules libraries (default built-in library is provided)
  9. Xoo Gallery Powerful Responsive PHP Photo Gallery
    1321 total visits
    XooGallery is the ideal tool for artists, designers, photographers, and anyone who wants to share their photos in an elegant and organized way. Easy to install, it adapts to any kind of website. Editing options include photo rotation, grayscale, sepia, and cropping. It is the easiest way to create an organized & fully responsive php photo gallery. It includes many ...
  10. EM Captcha
    160 total visits
    EM Captcha is a Visual PHP captcha script from EM-Creations.co.uk, which is a simple and easy to implement PHP captcha script. Requirements: - GD Image Library - SQLite3 PHP Extentions
  11. PHP Form elements
    211 total visits
    PHP Form elements is a PHP script that will allow each user to create all the elements of a form tag. Just need it to be imported and use it for anything.
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    254 total visits
    Take a file from your pc and upload it to the default directory, or a chosen directory. Bohemian File Uploader can upload image files like jpg, gif and png and can also upload documents like pdf, txt and zip files. Displays all files which are uploaded to the default directory. No coding skills required.
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    80 total visits
    Widgetable is a WordPress plugin to create, manage and publish custom widgets. WordPress revolves around developer-created sidebars for the built-in sidebar system. Widgetable is a plugin leveraging other plugins and shortcodes, allowing simple editors with no programming experience to build their own sidebar and content widgets. Using a simple, WordPress native interface, editors can assemble custom widgets from various sources ...
  14. Deprecation Checker
    77 total visits
    Deprecation Checker is a WordPress plugin for checking code compliance with various WP coding standards. Deprecation Checker scans all plugin and theme source code files, analyzes used functions, points out deprecated ones and suggests alternative functions to be used. The plugin is great if working with custom written WP code that might get deprecated when the WordPress core gets updated. ...
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    179 total visits
    Premium HTTP Viewer is a program emulates a browser, by showing you what the browser is reading from the server. This program can show the full server response of a web resource, using any one of the Apache request methods. Great for finding server redirect's, and viewing source code of questionable websites. Requirements:- PHP 4+- allow_url_fopen = On, set in ...
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