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    HSPHP is PHP library for the HandlerSocket MySQL plugin. HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax. The library allows developers to trigger CRUD operations from within a PHP website or app. The native HandlerSocket plugin contains native C++ and Perl client libraries. Other client libraries are also available:PHP (version ...
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    Skin Login customize the WordPress login page and allows an administrator to customize his login page via custom CSS and various themes. By doing this, he can mask his site's core technology or he can provide a branded CMS/website to his clients, even if using the open source WordPress platform. Features of Skin Login:- Apply a certain theme to the ...
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    phpMyAccess is a collection of tools and programs to build web database programs. phpMyAccess is a complete WebDB system based on phpMyEdit. Features of phpMyAccess:- Includes a simple user/permission/menu system.- Edit cell by clicking, modifying, clicking off.- Uses AJAX so no page reload is needed.- Simple user/authentication management using basic authentication.- Simple menu system, including menu management tools.- Extra field ...
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    lessphp compile LESS code in PHP. It stands for Leaner CSS and it's an extension to the CSS language adding support for variables, nested rules, mixins and operations. In most cases, developers use either Ruby or JavaScript to convert LESS files to normal CSS. This PHP library provides a way to compile LESS source to normal CSS using a normal ...
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    Related Items is a wordPress plugin to manage relations between posts, pages and custom post types. The plugin makes it easy to add "Related Items" links to a site, breaking through the native WordPress taxonomy and linking in-between pages, posts and custom post types (which are usually kept separate from one another). To do this, a settings page has been ...
  6. PHP-CSV
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    PHP-CSV is a PHP script for manipulating CSV files. This script can be used for processing small, medium and large datasets stored in CSV format. Meanwhile, it can be used for simple operations like reading and writing CSV files. It can also be used to upload CSV files and have them being displayed in the browser. Demos and unit tests ...
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    scssphp compile SCSS code in PHP. By default, SCSS (SASS) code is compiled in Ruby, and many libraries that work with SCSS (SASS) rely on Ruby to do so. This PHP library provides a way to compile SCSS (SASS) source to normal CSS using a normal PHP engine. The library wraps around SCSS version 3.1.20. What's New in This Version:- ...
  8. Time Slots Booking Calendar
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    Time Slots Booking Calendar is a PHP/MySQL based booking engine which features an intuitive calendar interface and uses AJAX to allow users to browse through dates and easily book time slots from the calendar. Time Slots Booking Calendar can be easily installed onto any website and a simple piece of JavaScript code lets you integrate the booking engine into any ...
  9. StormTwitter
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    StormTwitter is a PHP script for interacting with Twitter. It can be used by developers to fetch data from the Twitter API and use on a remote Web page. Includes support for tweets, caching and OAuth.
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    WP Tidy TinyMCE is a plugin for cleaning up the WordPress TinyMCE editor. It adds a special page in the WP Settings tab which lets the admin select which TinyMCE buttons to remove or not from WP's editor. Disabled buttons can later be re-activated if needed. Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher What's New in This Version:- First version. Installation:- Unpack ...
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    php-mysql-orm is a PHP script for interfacing with MySQL databases. This script allows PHP developers to connect, save and retrieve data from MySQL databases. It comes with support for most common MySQL operations and ensures a fast way of communicating with the server without plenty of overhead.
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    Windows Image Gallery is windows look a like script of the famous windows. It displays all pictures in a specifies folder on your server. The script will create automaticly thumbnails from the images in your folder. You can set how big/small the thumbnails have to be on your gallery. You can browse your images with a browser based windows desktop. ...
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    nrelate Flyout is a WordPress plugin that mimics the flyout sliding box with related content, as seen on the New York Times website. It can display related content on pages and posts alike. The flyout box will be shown only when the user scrolls down the page and reaches the bottom. The box can show a link to one article, ...
  14. JobSite Professional
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    JobSite Professional is a flexible script for running jobs board websites. The full source codes are provided, not encrypted, which makes possible to further edit the script you may need this. It is template based and can be run with various templates (multiple demos are available on our website). New version 3.1 - now featuring indeed.com back fill, mobile version, ...
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    CheckFile is a PHP script to parse a specified folder, checking for invalid UTF-8 characters and invalid Windows filename characters by default. It can perform optional checks for invalid ASCII characters as well. The programmer can also turn on/off the UTF-8 and/or ASCII when running the script, if wanted. While running it'll give a detailed log over any files that ...
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