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  1. Easy Contact-Form
    267 total visits
    Easy Contact-Form is a simple PHP contact form which can be easily embedded in any page for allowing users to get in touch via email. Extremely easy to setup, will be running in a few minutes. Of course, the form's skin is customizable via CSS/HTML. Requirements:- PHP's mail() function enabled
  2. Appointment Scheduler by StivaSoft
    2557 total visits
    PHP appointment scheduling software for hair salons, beauty studios, tennis courts, massage centers, fitness clubs and any services and websites where online booking and appointment management is required. You can add services, employees, set working time and days off, service prices, etc. The appointment scheduler will be taking appointments automatically and will be making your daily schedule while you are ...
  3. Availability Booking Calendar by StivaSoft
    2936 total visits
    Availability Booking Calendar is a PHP/MySQL based calendar script that shows availability, allows online bookings, accepts online payments, manages reservations and clients. A highly customizable calendar booking system which can be used almost everywhere where booking functionality is needed. Used by thousands of website owners already! Availability Booking Calendar is very easy to install. An installation wizard script will set ...
  4. No Screenshot
    147 total visits
    Expandable Menus is a WordPress plugin for collapsing long menus in the backend menu manager. The WordPress menu manager is an utility for creating and administrating a site's menus. If a site has lots of menus and each menu has lots of options, it might get a little bit tedious changing their layout. This plugin allows the admin to collapse ...
  5. cibitly
    69 total visits
    cibitly is a CodeIgniter library for the Bit.ly API. The library can feed an URL to the Bit.ly service and get a shortened version for it. Optionally it can do the reverse when needed and works with Bit.ly's latest API version, v3. Requirements:- CodeIgniter 2.1 or higher- Bit.ly API credentials What's New in This Version:- Fixing tagging error.
  6. No Screenshot
    169 total visits
    ContactInviter is a set of PHP scripts to allow users to share content with their friends. ContactInviter can be used to add links to content for sharing the current page on various social networks. Demos are included with the download package. Features of ContactInviter:Supported networks:- Gmail- Live!- Yahoo! Requirements:- PHP's cURL extension- OAuth support- Gmail API credentials- Live! API credentials- ...
  7. Avatar Slide Galleria
    542 total visits
    Responsive Extension is a Joomla Slideshow is based on the Galleria plugin. Joomla Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery built on top of the jQuery. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices. Features of Avatar Slide Galleria:- Responsive slider.- Support 3 theme (Classic/ August/ Semtember)- Slide image from Picasa, ...
  8. No Screenshot
    178 total visits
    JoomAvatar provides Joomla Templates and Joomla Extensions for people from all over the world with friendly support. JoomAvatar considers all comments and feedbacks of you in order to improve and complete JoomAvatar's products. Features of Avatar Tools:- Managing Admin Area with Drag & Drop UI and AJAX- Quick search and edit content, module, menus, templates at everywhere without refresh page.- ...
  9. Grid Columns
    102 total visits
    Grid Columns is a WordPress shortcode for creating column layouts. Using the [column] [/column] shortcode, editors can split their content on multiple columns. The plugin can be used in creating newspaper/magazine like layouts. Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Plugin released. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' ...
  10. Facebok Likes
    357 total visits
    Facebok Likes is a PHP script to get stats from Facebook Like buttons and needs page URL(s) as input. It will then query the Facebook API and count how many times that/those URL(s) have been liked by users and present them in an orderly fashion.
  11. Springloops PHP Library
    159 total visits
    Springloops PHP Library is a PHP script for scraping a Springloops account. Springloops is a Web service for client support, managing projects, tracking issues, version control services, team collaboration and milestone checking. This script uses an username and password to connect to a Springloops account and retrieve various information. And it is CodeIgniter compatible as well. Features of Springloops PHP ...
  12. No Screenshot
    97 total visits
    Mobile CSS is a WordPress plugin to load different CSS stylesheets based on the user's device. It adds a filter that sniffs out mobile users and loads CSS styles previously defined by an admin. The plugin can be pretty generic or can target specific devices. Features of Mobile CSS:Specific styles for mobile phones:- iPhone/iPod Touch- HTC- Motorola- BlackBerry- Nexus- Dell- ...
  13. No Screenshot
    249 total visits
    Recurly PHP Client is a PHP client for the Recurly REST API. It is a web service for implementing a subscription (recurring) billing system. This library can be utilized in creating billing forms, subscription plans, transaction pages, etc., powered by the Recurly API. Requirements:- Recurly API key- PHP 5.3 or Higher- PHP's libcurl enabled- OpenSSL support What's New in This ...
  14. My Envato
    91 total visits
    My Envato is a WordPress sidebar widget to list a user's most recent Envato products. The "My Envato" plugin can be used by Envato sellers to showcase their 25 most recent products, or by affiliate marketers to boost up their intermediary sales (some coding might be required). Once configured and published, the widget will retrieve the user's most recent products ...
    146 total visits
    JSON-RPC PHP is a collection of PHP scripts for working with the JSON RPC protocol. It is a protocol similar to XML-RPC, but implemented on top of JSON. The scripts are compliant with version 1.0 of the JSON-RPC protocol. It comes packet with both client and server functionality. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
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