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    Bohemian Image Gallery is a gallery allows you to create an instant gallery. Simply upload and delete any images for the gallery. No coding skills required.
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    SimpleDiff is various libraries for providing a simple diff tool. Of course, all libraries are inspired by the UNIX diff tool. In practice, they can be used to analyze two pieces of text and show the differences between them. Comes in versions for CoffeeScript, JavaScript, PHP and Python.
  3. Open Calais Tags
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    Open Calais Tags is a PHP script for retrieving data from the OpenCalais API. The OpenCalais Web service allows advanced text analysis and detection of discussion topics within a text. This script allows developers to connect to OpenCalais' API and fetch various details about a text or analyzed document. Use cases include automatic tag generation or keywords extraction tools. Requirements:- ...
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    Social Path is a WordPress plugin that adds social sharing buttons in posts or pages. The plugin works by default with the Path theme (install, activate and voila). For other teams, a piece of PHP code must be added by hand in the post, page or theme files. The outputted social sharing buttons are for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Requirements:- ...
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    Ban Control is a simple solution to control your bans of your website. This script looks into the database for a ip number, when it has a record the script will show a message to the banned user (you can fill in what to show). After that the script will readirect that user to a website (You decide which one). ...
  6. PhpUtils
    184 total visits
    PhpUtils is a simple script with inside a lot of common methods useful for every kind of php project. Many time a programmer will use the same script or a simply tow or three line of the same portion to repeat the same classic operation. This utility let the programmer the time to think to his patterns and forget repetitive ...
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    modglob is a PHP script for detecting changes made to PHP files in a directory. To install just place it in the folder to watch changes for and access it directly to get a list of recent modified files. It will also work from the PHP CLI. Features of modglob:- Log levels (last hour, day, week, month & forever)- Add ...
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    CSS Refresh is a WordPress plugin watches all CSS files and updates them every time a new change is detected. The plugin was created for development purposes, to allow programmers just to write the code and have it automatically show up in the browser without having to refresh the page every time. Requirements:- WordPress 2.0.2 or Higher What's New in ...
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    Random Redirect is a simple php script which forwards a user to a random link. You can fill in the links you want in the 'random_redirect.txt' (one website each line). Installation:- The setup is very simple- Edit the links in random_redirect.txt in what you want (one website a line). - Create a link from your website to random_redirect.php. - And ...
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    Random link is a simple php script which displays a link every time you load the script. You can edit the links that you will show in the 'random_link.txt' (One link a line) Installation:- The setup is very simple,- Upload the script and the map to your server.- Edit the links in 'random_link.txt' (One link a line)- Include the file ...
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    PHP Generator is a powerful online tools that can automatically generates fully functional codes for your PHP/Mysql applications. You can create completed CRUD(Create, Retrieve Update and Delete) scripts within ten minutes. Thus it can save you a lot of time wasted on repetitive coding. The generated codes can be easily understood and further customized. It is designed for both beginners ...
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    WP Snowfall is a WordPress plugin for showing snow falling over a site's frontend. No extra settings needed, just install and activate. It is perfect for styling a site's interface for the winter holidays season. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- First release. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through ...
  13. TheTvDb-PHP-API
    202 total visits
    TheTvDb-PHP-API is a PHP script for the theTvDB.com API which allows developers to retrieve various information from the theTvDB API. theTvDB.com is a free database containing various information about TV series. An example is included with the download package. Features of TheTvDb-PHP-API:- Title, date and description for a series or episode- A serie's list of episodes- Dates for new, upcoming ...
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    Basic Uploader is a program which will allow you to upload several files simultaneously, and store them in a folder that you preset. It has an option to rename files with a unique id, that will prevent overwriting blocks, while restricting file types that are uploaded. Requirements:- PHP 4+
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    Easy Admin Theme is a WordPress plugin allowing admins to see a different theme from the rest of the users. While users will still see the default set site theme, admins can activate a front-end theme just for them. This will allow them to work on upcoming site versions, new themes or client work without shutting down the site or ...
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