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  1. Simple History
    95 total visits
    Simple History is a plugin that shows recent changes made within WordPress. Users can see what updates where made, what pages where published, what articles have been created, modified or deleted, and what attachments have been uploaded, modified or deleted. Filters exist for seeing only certain type of changes. The plugin adds a widget to the admin dashboard. Requirements:- WordPress ...
  2. FarODP
    172 total visits
    FarODP gets live data from the Open Directory Project to your own website. Let visitors browse and search categories of websites. This script is easy to install; just upload this script to your server. Easily customize the layout by editing the templates. It supports thumbnails of websites, caching, filter adult categories and searches, foreign language support, search engine friendly mode, ...
  3. No Screenshot
    292 total visits
    Ajax Likes-Dislikes Counter is a script ( PHP + jQuery ) which counts "likes" and "dislikes." This single installation allows you to manage any number of instances. No databases are used. All the data are stored as text files in a folder.
  4. No Screenshot
    129 total visits
    gdapi-php is a set of PHP libraries for the GoDaddy REST APIs. These libraries will allow webmasters more control over their GoDaddy hosted servers. Usage instructions and documentation is provided with the download package's README file. Requirements:- GoDaddy API credentials- PHP 5.3 or higher- PHP's libcurl extension- SSL support in PHP What's New in This Version:- Remove dependency on resourceTypes ...
  5. No Screenshot
    72 total visits
    Automattic Updater is a plugin changes the default WordPress update process and force silent, automatic updates in WordPress. Instead of alerting the user and manually having him to update the core or plugins by pushing a button, this plugin handles all updates automatically. A settings page allows the admin to select which updates (core, plugins, themes) are handled automatically and ...
  6. No Screenshot
    506 total visits
    iKode Live Chat is an easy to install & highly customizable free live chat software for your Live Help and Support. iKode Live Chat is native binary programs, which means it requires smaller memory configurations and will give a faster execution speed. And iKode Live Chat use long-polling technology for pushing real-time message to clients. Features of iKode Live Chat:- ...
  7. Invoice Manager by StivaSoft
    993 total visits
    Simple invoicing & billing software for the business. Create invoices online, make custom invoice templates and keep track of billing with our easy-to-use online invoicing software. With our invoice script you can create a complete and detailed database of all your clients, manage billing and accounting, and request payments via Paypal, Authorize.net or process offline payments through bank transfer or ...
  8. No Screenshot
    271 total visits
    PHPjabbers now has to offer a free Banner and Link Click Counter. The script caounts the number of times each link is clicked. The Banner and Link Click Counter is written in PHP and uses MySQL to store data. Installation is easy and simple. Just open database.sql and import the MySQL queries in your database. Edit config.php and set your ...
  9. No Screenshot
    552 total visits
    The Coopercentral Login script offers your website authentication for your users for password-protected pages. Including a member registration page, and an administration page to view/edit your users. It also includes a privilege field to allow for regular users as well as administrator users.
  10. Comment Probation
    78 total visits
    Comment Probation is a WordPress plugin for adding all comments from a registered user to the moderation queue. By default, all new comments from a registered user are approved by default. This plugin changes this mechanism, by approving comments "in probation." This means all new comments from the author with a comment in probation will also be reviewed before being ...
  11. PHPJabbers Availability Calendar
    1597 total visits
    PHPJabbers Availability Calendar script is PHP / MySQL calendar. The script uses very simple code to generate the calendar. You can embed the availability calendar onto your website using a small piece of HTML code. Ajax is used to load the calendar and also to navigate through the months.
  12. AjaxProxy
    268 total visits
    AjaxProxy is a PHP script for working with cross-domain Ajax calls. Unlike other similar solutions, this script even works without cURL installed. Works faster and better though if cURL is present. It also supports cookie operations as well. The script itself is basically a simple detour mechanism browsers that block Ajax cross-domain calls. Requirements:- fopen() or cURL must be accessible
  13. Easy Contact-Form
    267 total visits
    Easy Contact-Form is a simple PHP contact form which can be easily embedded in any page for allowing users to get in touch via email. Extremely easy to setup, will be running in a few minutes. Of course, the form's skin is customizable via CSS/HTML. Requirements:- PHP's mail() function enabled
  14. Appointment Scheduler by StivaSoft
    2557 total visits
    PHP appointment scheduling software for hair salons, beauty studios, tennis courts, massage centers, fitness clubs and any services and websites where online booking and appointment management is required. You can add services, employees, set working time and days off, service prices, etc. The appointment scheduler will be taking appointments automatically and will be making your daily schedule while you are ...
  15. Availability Booking Calendar by StivaSoft
    2936 total visits
    Availability Booking Calendar is a PHP/MySQL based calendar script that shows availability, allows online bookings, accepts online payments, manages reservations and clients. A highly customizable calendar booking system which can be used almost everywhere where booking functionality is needed. Used by thousands of website owners already! Availability Booking Calendar is very easy to install. An installation wizard script will set ...
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