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    Username Changer is a WordPress plugin allows admins to change registered usernames. It provides a page under the admin "Users" tab where the admin can change one of his user's login username. Simple and straight to the point. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Include author URL (nicename) in update process. Installation:- Unpack and upload it ...
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    208 total visits
    Visitor Logger is a script which collect information about your visitors including country, time, date, referer, language, host, IP and browser. Meanwhile, blocking visitors you don't want at the click of a button. It can be used on any any number of websites using only one (MySQL) database. All bots, spiders, search engines, etc. are displayed on a seperate page.
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    120 total visits
    EU Cookie Law is a WordPress plugin for showing warning messages if the site uses cookies. The plugin is for EU webmasters that wanna stay on the right side of the EU Cookie Directive. At page load, it will show a small notification bar informing the user the site uses cookies. Features of EU Cookie Law:- Set the time for ...
  4. GD barchart generator
    596 total visits
    GD barchart generator is a PHP library for generating bar charts. It's very easy to configure and relies onPHP's GD library to draw data. Features of GD barchart generator:- Easy to pass data to it- Set custom font- Set axis text angle- Set chart size- Add axis labels- Set bar width- Set the space between blocks- Set bar colors (or ...
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    233 total visits
    Ajaxmint Gallery is a PHP and MySQL image gallery script. It is very easy to install and get running, Ajaxmint is a perfect fit for small, lightweight, minimalistic image galleries. Features of Ajaxmint Gallery:- Graphic install script- Password protected admin dashboard- Manage multiple galleries- Manage albums inside galleries- Manage pictures inside albums- Add picture title and description- Automatic thumb generation- ...
  6. Simple Map
    118 total visits
    Simple Map is a WordPress plugin for embedding Google Maps in posts and pages. To embed a map, just use a simple shortcode system. The plugin uses the latest version of the Google Maps API, v3, so no API key is needed for maps to show up. Requirements:- WordPress 3.3 or Higher Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ ...
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    268 total visits
    HTAdmin is a PHP tool for administrating Apache .htpasswd files. Installation:- Extract the package: tar zxvf HTAdmin1.x.tar.gz (for tar.gz) tar yxvf HTAdmin1.x.tar.bz2 (for tar.bz2) zip -d HTAdmin1.x.zip (for zip) - Edit the following lines in config.inc.php file: $cfgUserAuth = true; $cfgSuperUser = 'admin'; $cfgSuperPass = 'password'; $cfgHTPasswd[0][N] = '/htdocs/example/.htpasswd'; <-- First file's full path and name $cfgHTPasswd[0][D] = 'Sample htpasswd ...
  8. SmartOptimizer
    118 total visits
    SmartOptimizer is a PHP script for optimizing source code. It can be used for minifying, compression, merging and caching source code and files. This reduces file size, server requests and CPU usage. Additionally, SmartOptimizer can parse images and embed them in CSS files to reduce HTTP requests even more. SmartOptimizer is completely config-based, allowing easy customization to any project. Requirements:- ...
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    229 total visits
    MultiRequest is a PHP script for working with multi-threaded GET/POST requests. The script itself is based on CURL concepts implemented with PHP 5. A demo is included with the download package. What's New in This Version:Added:- MultiRequest_Handler follow location on 301 and 302 response codes- MultiRequest_Callbacks - universal class for defining callbacks- MultiRequest_Defaults - defining Requests defaults- MultiRequest_Session - emulation ...
  10. Script Alone
    127 total visits
    Script Alone is a script which can be used to manage the execution of PHP daemon scripts. It saves inside the control file the state of the currently running script. The script can check that file to see if an instance of the script is already running to prevent that more than one instance of the script is being executed. ...
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    136 total visits
    phpMSNBC is a small script that fetches latest news from MSNBC. The script can be adapted to display news from other sources too. The code is very simple to implement in any PHP application.
  12. WP Live Edit
    86 total visits
    WP Live Edit is a WordPress plugin for editing a post on the front-end in real-time. The site's editors don't have to switch back and forward between the site's backend and frontend to view post changes. Just add a post in the backend, go to the front-end and click either on the post's body or title to edit it. Results ...
  13. SilverSmith
    134 total visits
    SilverSmith is CLI tool for the SilverStripe CMS. It was created for reducing development time of SilverStripe-based websites. It creates a project structure for running a basic SilverStripe installation. Giving SilverSmith additional commands, entire pages, filled with content, will be created. SilverSmith can be installed on a per project basis, or globally so all SilverStripe projects can use it. Features ...
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    131 total visits
    NAH E-Book/Webcomic Displayer comics and e-books web viewer written in PHP. Comics and/or e-books can be added as folders, pages being considered the images inside those folders. For this to actually work, the developer needs to check the README file for file and folder naming conventions. As comics and images are added, the navigation controls automatically get activated. Comments can ...
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    200 total visits
    DataLoad10 is the perfect PHP script for you, if you want to share the contents of a folder on your webspace easily! Just put this index.php into the folder and include or link it and your users will be able to download and even upload files from/to that folder! Features of DataLoad10:- finding all files in a folder- offers download ...
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