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    Simple Accounts is a financial accounting system package developed in open source php, mysql projects. The objective of the project is to host the accounting package in web and maintains day to day financial accounts. This works in the Client Server Model. Apache, PHP, MySQL should already be installed and the downloaded zip must be installed into the Document Root ...
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    Php Date Picker is a revised version of Separd's PHP date picker for websites. This version supports choosing a different first day of week, for countries where the first day of week is not Monday. Original version can be found in http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpdatepicker.
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    RogePHP is a collection of PHP scripts that allow you to perform common web functions easily and quickly without all the hasle of setting up other web frameworks. It use as much or as little as you like with no need for "Installing" modifying your include path. It's designed for high trafic environments with millions of page views per day.MySQL ...
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    WDO Guilds is a WordPress plugin for displaying general information about a guild and it's players. All guild and character details can be added via the WP backend. Character details are stored on a site user basis. This means that if all guild members are registered on the site, they can each add their own character's details via the backend. ...
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    UnGallery is a photo gallery plugin for WordPress. It works by transforming a directory of images into a browsable photo album. Features of UnGallery:- Changes are made in real-time- Unlimited photos- Can be managed outside the WP platform- Caching system- Show images inside a modal- Breadcrumbs- Multiple image view types- Captions- Support for hidden galleries- Support for MP4 movies- Image ...
  6. Vimeography
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    Vimeography is a WordPress plugin for creating and managing Vimeo-powered video galleries. The webmaster can create, edit, style and embed his video galleries from the WP backend. For each created video gallery, a shortcode is provided which users can utilize for embedding it in a page or post. Vimeo videos can be retrieved from an user's account, a Vimeo channel, ...
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    Developer Options is a plugin for listing various WordPress core options. This plugin creates a special page in the backend where various WP options and variables will be printed. It's similar to the /wp-admin/options.php file, but with no editing capabilities. Requirements:- WordPress 2.9 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Minor bug fix. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the ...
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    Amazon s3 supports direct upload from browser without need of your web server to copy file over S3. This gives large benefit in saving bandwidth and eliminates upload restrictions imposed by your hosting providers esp "shared hosting". But one disadvantage is S3 does not provide any capability of server side processing to handle upload progress,failure cases etc..if you are using ...
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    Polylang is a plugin for supporting multilingual content in WordPress. It allows translating any kind of content inside the WordPress system. Features of Polylang:- Any number of languages can be added.- RTL and LTR languages are supported.- Can translate posts, pages, categories, post tags, menus, widgets... Custom post types, custom taxonomies and post formats, RSS feeds and all default WordPress ...
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    Embed MTV is a WordPress plugin for easy embedding of MTV hosted videos. Requirements:- WordPress 2.7 or Higher What's New in This Version:- First release. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. After installation, go to the WP backend, under the "Plugins" option and setup default video container dimensions. ...
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    MobileBB is a PHP & MySQL light weight forum engine optimized for small traffic size in mobile smartphones. Features of MobileBB:- FREE (for commercial use too - GPL)- LIGHTWEIGHT (no javascript)- Strong anti-SPAM policy- Multi language available & ISO-8601- Compliance with best mobile practices
  12. Simple Poll
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    Simple Poll is a free poll script that employs a simple to use admin interface. It also uses CSS for your poll so that you can easily adapt to the look and feel of your web site. Setup as many polls as you like and include them in your website at different locations. Don’t let the name fool you, this ...
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    TankAuth is an user authentication library for the CodeIgniter PHP framework. It uses a basic authentication model, working together with a database, where it saves all user details. By default it supports all the four basic authentication operations: login, logout, register and unregister. To boost security, the PHPass library is used to encode password hashes instead of MD5. Features of ...
  14. Shortcodify
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    Shortcodify is a plugin to add a collection of useful shortcodes to the WordPress core. Shortcodify makes it possible for users to add simple shortcodes to their content and insert commonly used elements in a post. The plugin was created solely to aid the content publishing process, by making it easier to add styling and UI elements that are natively ...
  15. FormSaver
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    FormSaver is a PHP script which can be used to display form field values submitted by POST without additional markup in the HTML form.
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