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    MP3 ID3v2 Tag class allows you to read id2v2 frames of mp3 files.This classalso read id3v1 tag and mpeg frame.
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    Google Translator can be used to translate texts between idioms using the Google translation site.Google Translator takes a text in one of the supported idioms and accesses the Google translation site to perform a translation to another supported idiom.Currently Google Translator supports the idioms: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
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    PHP Tag Cloud builds a list of words from an associative array with multiple words that is passed to the class constructor. It may also add individual words later.Each word is associated to a weight. The weight defines the relative size of the words in the tag cloud. The words can be shuffled in order to return them randomly in ...
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    The thumbnails can be set to either have constrained proportions with a background fill to the max pixel width and height, or simple be constrained inside the max pixel width and height.Requirements: PHP GD extension 2.0 or higher
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    In order to achieve this, Twitter uses PHP's own fsockopen() function. Twitter does not require any additional modules (like cURL or HTTP). Requirements: PHP 4.4.6 or higher
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    The iptables command is used to verify if the current IP address is authorized to access a server with another specified IP and port number.phphilter may grant access to the user IP address and make the necessary alter iptables configuration if the user provides a valid user name and password via HTTP authentication.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Templateze is a template engine that uses direct string replacement to process template files.Templateze supports:- Placeholder with multiple different start and end marks- Iteration over looping blocks- Substitution of place holder with data from additional files
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    Cookie Handler Class can be used to store and retrieve serialized variables in cookies. It can take an array of values and store its serialized representation in a cookie. It can also unserialized a cookie value to retrieve the original array.Cookie Handler Class can handle cookies with non-serialized values, as well destroy cookies by setting their expiry date to the ...
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    PHP Debugger is a simple script that can output debugging information about the current PHP script that is being executed.PHP Debugger has one main function that uses PHP backtracing support to determine from where it was called, ancestor functions or classes that called the current function and the argument types and values that were passed.PHP Debugger displays this debug information ...
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    This package can be used to perform different types of geometric operations with polygons. It provides generic polygon and vertex classes that support mixing lines and arc segments between vertices. Polygons may be self-intersecting. It provides means to perform boolean operations AND and OR (Intersect and Union) with the shapes and compute shape clipping (A-B and B-A).
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    ID3Tag Read and Write can read and write the tags of files in MP3 format or other format that support id3tag. It can read and write several types of tags. This package supports tags of the specification versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.4.The ID3 Web site documents all the types of tag frames allowed in the specification version 2.4. One interesting ...
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    NOW released under GPL License. phpMySQLAutoBackup is the simple way to backup MySQL databases - automates the backup of your MySQL databases. Exports your database (data and structures), compresses it into gzip format and emails it to you. Schedule it to run every day/week by adding it to a cron job, or use phpJobScheduler. Features of phpMySQLAutoBackup - automate your ...
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    WWWebber's Job Search Engine and Aggregator is a free php based job search script and aggregator for jobs in the USA or in India. It works right out of the box. Just upload a folder, change a few variables and you will have a fully functional Job Search Engine. The script is free and (aside from 1 file) unecrypted.WWWebber's Job ...
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    Dispatcher can register a class to handle events with a given name. When an event occurs, the class can dispatch it by creating and calling an object of the registered handler class.The response of the event dispatching called returned by the handler class can also be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    MySQL for PHP is connection to a database host can be established and SQL queries can be executed.Key Features of MySQL for PHP:- Retrieve query results into arrays- Retrieve the number of result set rows and the last inserted identifierRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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