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    Memcache Manager can be used to store and retrieve data from Memcache servers. It can connect to a Memcache server and get, set, replace, delete, increment or decrement the values of variables with a given key name. Memcache Manager is a free PHP cache script. The variable values may be compressed, encrypted and encoded as JSON before storing.
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    CacheManager can be used to cache arbitrary data in files. It can check if the cache with a certain key already exists. If it exists and it is not expired, it can return the cached data. Otherwise it can store newly generated data in a cache file with the given key. The script CacheManager can be configured to set the ...
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    Porter Stemmer is a PHP5 only class to facilitate the stemming of word. This is the process of removing suffixs from words to produce their "stems", eg national -> nation, running -> run, adoption -> adopt.The public API is very simple, consisting of one function. The function takes two arguments, one being the word you wish to stem, and the ...
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    Free PHP Form 2 Email Processor is easy to use, easy to install and easy to configure. The script includes checking referrers (either in script or from an external file) to prevent abuse, the ability to set required fields, banned words and phrases (in script or external file), banned IPs (in script or external file), export to CSV, and language ...
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    Geographic Distance and Azimuth Calculator is a PHP and (MySQL) API that is useful in performing distance calculations between two distinct points on the earth's surface. The script is used in most GIS (Geographic Information Systems), these are standard algorithms with various levels of accuracy. Simple example of uses for this software would be to find the nearest store location ...
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    This package implements a template engine with output caching support. It can assign templates files a name so they can be referenced by that name. The class loads from a given directory template files which are actual HTML files with embedded PHP code. It can assign to each template, variables which are stored as class variables. The templates are processed ...
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    phpMyDB can establish connections to a specified MySQL database server and execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries composed from lists of parameters defining tables, fields, values and conditions. The SELECT query results can be cached in files using another class. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This script can be used to store and retrieve cached values from single file. It can store one or more keys in a single cache file. The script can also look up for a given key and retrieve the store value. It can lock the file during access to prevent corruption, but there is also a sub-class that can be ...
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    This class can be used to store and retrieve entries in memory caches. It can perform several types of operations to access values stored memory based caches using extensions like APC, eAccelerator, XCache and MemCache. Currently it can store an entry, retrieve an entry and clear all cache entries.
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    Cache variables can be used to cache variable values in PHP scripts. It can take the value of a variable and generate a cache file, also is a PHP code generator, if it does not exist already, that is PHP script that assigns the variable value.This script can also load variable value from the cache file script if it exists ...
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    PoMMo is versatile Mass Mailing software. Add a mailing list to your website, or organize stand alone mailings. Unique features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers set it apart from alternatives.PoMMO is designed to be easy to use and powerful, PoMMo provides flexible Mailing Management that everyone needs, from Software Projects to Shoe Stores, to Marketing ...
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    TeeWorlds Server Stats connects to a TeeWorlds game server with a given IP address and performs queries to retrieve several types of game information.The game type, map, version, progression, player count and details of the current players, can be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    This class this extends the "ft" class to add caching functionality.The caching was designed with four points in mind:1. Speed improvement2. Ease of use while letting the developer decides when caching is needed on a per file basis.3. Having an option to set a maximum execution time from which the caching starts to work for each script or page.4. Having ...
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    A Complete Online King James Bible for your Website. Help us spread thy Word with our integrated Social Networking Tools. Easily syndicate what you have learned while reading the Bible with others on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, YouTube?, Google, Yahoo, AOL, ASK, etc. Added Twitter API Support, Added Twitter Shout Box to Footer. Also, with our "Bookmark & Share" button ...
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    This class can be used to connect and query Microsoft Access databases from PHP. It takes the path of a Microsoft Access database file and computes suitable a DSN string to establish a connection to the database using ODBC extension on Windows.It can also execute a given SQL query on a connected database and return the whole result set inside ...
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