Zebra_Form 2.9.3b

Zebra_Form is a PHP script for creating and validating beautiful, secure, and functional HTML forms. The script provides templates for built-in client-side and server-side validation.Zebra_Form‘s code is heavily commented and generates no warnings/errors/notices when PHP’s error reporting level is set to E_ALL.

Zebra_Form also features protection mechanisms against cross-site scripting techniques. It automatically strips out potentially malicious code from the submitted data. It also prevents automated SPAM posts, out of the box and without relying on CAPTCHA by using honey pots.

Output can be generated either automatically or manually through templates. Built-in templates include normal form fields and, additionall date/time pickers, Captchas and AJAX-like file upload controls. Client-side validation is done via JavaScript (MooTools). Since version 2.1, this has been ported to jQuery.

- PHP 4.4.9 or Higher
- JavaScript enabled on client side
- MooTools or jQuery

What's New in This Version:
- Fixed a few depencies related bugs.
- Fixed an issue that broke the library’s functionality when using jQuery 1.9.0 (which removed $.browser).
- Fixed a bug where date format not including days or month (like only ‘Y’ or ‘M, Y’, etc) would never pass validation.
- Fixed a bug where the “Clear” button on the date picker was not using the string from the language file.
- Fixed an issue where the library would break with plugins that hide the original elements and put in their places divs having the exact same classes as the original element.
- Fixed a bug where the “length” rule was not taken into consideration when using “auto_fill” for elements having also the “digits” and/or “number” rule set.

License type: GPL
Date added: 4 years, 12 months 4 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 10 months 2 days ago

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