WWWebber's Job Search Engine and Aggregator 1.0

WWWebber's Job Search Engine and Aggregator is a free php based job search script and aggregator for jobs in the USA or in India. It works right out of the box. Just upload a folder, change a few variables and you will have a fully functional Job Search Engine. The script is free and (aside from 1 file) unecrypted.

WWWebber's Job Search Engine and Aggregator does not require a database but does require mod_rewrite and a php enabled server. I have tested it using PHP 5. Make Some Money ? The script pulls its queries from indeed.com . You have the ability to make money each time someone clicks on any of the job listings. (You just need to create an account at indeed.com and change 1 variable in the script)

SEO friendly: The job search engine comes with a site map that will create literally hundreds of web pages based on either India's or the USA's city, state and county combinations that in conjunction with mod_rewrite make for a very SEO friendly script full of a lot of content .

License type: GNU General Public License
Date added: 6 years, 7 months 6 days ago | Last updated: 6 years, 7 months 6 days ago

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