WH Social 5.0

The script runs very fast and saves resources. The design, usability and security was a top priority. The newest version also has protection against Session-Hijacking/Fixation and integrated a newly developed security module.

HTML5 and CSS3 layout, packed into DIVs create a modern and contemporary look and easy expandability. The script can be easily customized to your needs and conveniently managed by the admin area.

WH Social is an in PHP written interactive Web program which ueses MySQL for data storages. The script is based on a multilingual Language system and has a specially designed small framework (WH Social Engine). The modular design it is easy to handle and can be extended. The layout is controlled by a template system and CSS files and can be adjusted so uncomplicated.

Through their own administrative area of ​​each user generates only low administrative tasks and each member can make the appropriate settings for it and decide what information should be disclosed.

HTML 5 - PHP 5 - DIV Layout - CSS 3 - MySQL - Cross-Browser-Compatible
Language System - jQuery - Session Protection- Template System

Safety measures
- SQL-Injection Protection
- Session ID not shown in the URL (Session Fixation Protection)
- XSS Protection (Cross-Site-Scripting)
- Input and Form Validation
- Protection against Session Hijacking
- E-Mail Syntax checking
- Double-Opt-in Method
- Password repition and strenght measurement
- Badword Filter
- Captcha – E-Mail address coding
- Protection against HTML-Injection
- Check of the Mime-Type
- Ajax-Request Protection
- Backup System

Some Features
- Multilingual (German, English)
- Discussions
- Gallery with comments
- Address book
- Avatars
- Guestbook
- Own administration
- Feeds
- Member list
- News
- Events
- To-Do list
- Signatures
- PM System
- Administration area
- Forgot password function
- Re-send the confirmation email
- Limitation of login attempts
- Session active (till Browser closed)
- Contact form
- Footer Links for  Impressum, Disclaimer...
- PopUp preview for Footer Links
- Registration with email activation link
- Admin notification of registration
- Show new members
- Editor with many functions
- Tooltips for notifications
- jQuery Popups & Cloud Tags
- Smileys and  BBCode by Editor
- Livesearch (Member search with preview)
- General search for discussions...
- jQuery Quick-Navigation
- Timeline functions
- Real-Time-Communication (Chat)
- Show how many members are online and who
- Time-dependent greetings
- Check function if e-mail address is forgiveness
- jQuery and Ajax "Show more" function
- Pagination
- Custom Error Pages
- Dynamic Sitemap
- Interface: Profile and Guestbook for external insertion
- New discussions are highlighted
- Events with Timeline-View
- Detailed statistic
- Invite friends
- Personal statistic with notification when new message

- Manage topics
- Manage discussions
- Detailed statistic
- Create admins
- Appointment book
- Manage members
- Lock, unlock, delete
- Send newsletter with report
- Edit Meta Tags
- News - edit, delete
- Publish news
- Announce events
- Badword Filter
- Set script offline
- MySQL Backup
- Counter & Diagrams
- Show member infos
- Show module status

License type: Other
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