WH Board 8.0

The script runs very fast and saves resources. The design, usability and security was a top priority. The newest version also has protection against Session-Hijacking/Fixation and integrated a newly developed security module.

HTML5 and CSS3 layout, packed into DIVs create a modern and contemporary look and easy expandability. The script can be easily customized to your needs and conveniently managed by the admin area.

HTML 5 - PHP 5 - DIV Layout - CSS 3 - MySQL - Cross-Browser-Compatible
Language System - jQuery - Session Protection- Template System

Basic Functions
- HTML5 and CSS3
- Multi-language by an Language System (English and German)
- Installation Script
- publications and discussions in any category
- Extensive own profile + Password management and statistics
- Blog with comment function and Statistics
- Private messaging system with inbox and outbox
- Editor, BBCode and smileys in posts and comments
- RSS feeds and Atom links for posts, topics and articles
- Short statistics in the footer and detailed statistics in the user area
- Preview of latest articles and contributions
- Favorites - View most popular topics
- Counter with online display (shown separately the registered online users)
- Quick search with search in the header
- Forgotten password feature (new password will be sent to user)
- Show views / posts for topics, articles and comments
- Note in the menu bar at new private message
- CSS Breadcrumbs to navigation
- Side Pagination
- Own signatures

User area
- Edit Profile
- Incoming and Outgoing Messages
- Compose PM
- Viewing Statistics
- User List
- Number of written posts
- My Posts (A list of all written contributions)
- Changing the password by confirm the old password
- Contact

- User edit / lock / unlock / details / e-mail
- Inspection of the User Level
- Categories - Create / Delete (with description of the category)
- See the information and delete - - Topics
- See the information and delete - - Posts
- Blog articles Create / Edit / Delete
- Clear View Comments
- Enter and delete words to the badword list
- Admin notification of registration
- Statistics and Counter

- Protection against session fixation and hijacking
- Protection against malicious code into the database Einschleu├čung
- Spam Protection
- Math-Captcha & IP ban
- Input Validation
- E-mail syntax check
- SHA1
- SQL injection protection
- protection against cross-site scripting (XSS)
- Confirm registration by e-mail link
- Filter to block badword of forbidden words
- Numeric ID verification

Changelogs v8
- New menu bar
- New language system
- WYSIWYG Editor
- Adjust Labeled CSS files for easy
- HTML5 and CSS3 layout
- Also for blog feeds and categories
- Minor bugs have been fixed and two security holes
- Two new security modules
- Improved protection Session + New Security Module

License type: Other
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