WebsiteMemberManager 4.0

WebsiteMemberManager is a major upgrade to the successful members area application: phpAMA (which has securely protected member content since 2004). This NEW version over-comes many of the limitations of its predecessor, such as: allowing you to use your own menu system or add any other application within the members section.

Features of WebsiteMemberManager:
- protect any file, folder or application (new or existing, HTML, PHP or Flash files)
- added protection - multiple methods are now employed to ensure your files and folders are only available to your valid members
- FREE to use for first 10 members, with a small monthly/annual fee once you have more than ten members
- consistent interface on all pages
- massively more secure, extensive authorisation and authentication methods now used:
- failed logins now blocked if > 15 failed attempts within 5 minutes (time and number of attempts can be changed)
- this uses sessions and stored details in your database of failed logins to block possible abuse
- if attacks continue from same ip address the ip address will be automatically blocked
- supports ip version 4 and 6 so is future-proof
- mulitiple logins blocked - new login invalidates any other login of that username, which now means those users which share their login details are disincentivised as they will not be able to use their own account.
- forgotten password method - only allowed once per 24 hours to block possible abuse
- improved security MD5 replaced with more secure encryption methods to protect stored passwords
- and more... ensure you check out the ADMIN DEMO to see for yourself

- "mod_rewrite" MUST be enabled - if you are not sure about this then ASK YOUR HOST,
- more details here: no mod_rewrite - htaccess
- PHP 5.x and MySQL

License type: Freeware
Date added: 4 years, 3 months 20 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 3 months 20 days ago

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